Friday, May 24, 2013

Final post

Having dragged the arse out of the blog for the last while, it's time to bring it to a close. I always said to myself that I'd finish up on a nice, curvy 803 posts, and that is a complete lie.

But it is time.

I've threatened this to myself for a couple of years now, but it's only over the last couple of days that it has decided to quit me. Life has grown too full of things that I can't commit to a public forum. Too much is searchable, everything has become shareable, all reality is being seen to death.

I started the blog in August 2004 and am happy to have encountered many good writers, and some great ones, that have pushed me through and kept me going when I'd lost momentum.

I hope I've written some good stuff. I know I've scribbled some detritus but that's what happens when you've never had, or wanted, a theme.

Playing favourites here, I still love to see Andrew (Chancing My Arm) and Rosie (The Spanish Exposition) post and I hope they keep it up, however infrequent, through their married life. Gimme (Stranded on Gaia) is a horrible tease in the best way possible, while I've lamented the full stops of Annie Rhiannon, Terence McDanger and Therese Cox in particular.

Others, too, over the years and they've been in the sidebar for a reason.

I'm going to keep paying Google a tenner a year to keep it open, hopefully it'll gather some sepia and I'll be able to show it to the grandkids before they kick me in the shins and run away.

Thanks for stopping by, and onwards...


Unknown said...

Thanks Radge!

canine letters said...

this is assassination and it's wrong

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Ah balls. Sorry to see you go Radge, but thanks for all the great posts!

Kath Lockett said...

It's a fair decision, Radge and one that I'm pondering too. Always loved your work and was mighty jealous of your humour. Best of luck to you in your grown up, non-shareable life.

Andrew said...

Ah, damn. You'll be missed. Glad you're keeping it open, you never know when you might feel like having another crack at it. Reckon the only reason I haven't jacked mine in is that I know I'd only come crawling back a couple of months later. Best of luck with everything, I'll see you on the mini-blog.

Radge said...

Cheers folks!

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Sorry to hear it Radge, life has kept me away from the computer a lot this year but your writing always made me ponder and smile.

Holemaster said...

"creeeeakkk, dust, dust, dust, wipe, reveal old laptop on desk in a dublin 7 flat"

And here is where Radge used to blog, many years ago until some woman came along and starting loving him and making him happy. Endowed with a well read, thoughtful and observant mind, a love of subtlety and the unsaid, he crafted the comfort food of blogs. If gobshites and loud busy types was a miserable cold day, then Radge was the crackling fire and good telly.

And next we head to the place where Broadsheet resided until it was burned to the ground by an inverted hipster.

Radge said...

Look at it, just sitting here, old Radgery!

A relic. An oasis. A hospital for my thoughts.

Jesus I miss it.