Thursday, June 14, 2012



You've seen one alien baby bursting forth from a human tummy, you have seen them all.

Stringer Bell with a Texan drawl. Fuck's that about?

Not being able to decide whether Noomi Rapace looks like Rafael Nadal, or is actually quite attractive.

The realisation, at the finish, that it's really just a po-faced Independence Day.

Charlize Theron's daddy issues.

The fact that 'Pete Vs. Life' is in it. And he's crap.

The irascible geologist, who "isn't here to make friends."

Dubbing creatures from another planet 'engineers.' Fuck's that about? Structural? Mechanical? ELECTRICAL?

Stringer singing 'Love The One You're With.' Avon Barksdale would've had him got for that alone.


I like Michael Fassbender in films, which he carefully divides between himself and Ryan Gosling nowadays. I was particularly pleased that he spared us the sight of his mickey.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Radge, didn't want to see it...and I'd put the lack of Fassbenders mickey in the con column!

Radge said...

He's every man's greatest nightmare, that fella.

Holemaster said...

His mickey haunts me.