Friday, February 17, 2012

The Tenner

1) I ate in McDonald's on Wednesday, fully sober, and didn't feel doggedly disgusting until about five hours afterwards. I'm not sure if this is progress, regress or ungress. I should have got a McFlurry to make it somewhat worth it.

2) Gotye. You horrible, catchy, 'get the fuck out of my head at 3.14am of a Tuesday morning' bastard.

3) I'm going to Amsterdam in April. What delights lie over there? Well, we know all about what delights lie over there. I'm going to come back with that aul' smack cocaine coming out my ears, apparently.

4) There are different kinds of cross. The middlenight, "you just woke me up for no good reason, now feck off and go back to sleep" kind of cross means fuck all in the grand scheme of things.

5) I'll probably never write anything as witty as a single episode of Frasier.

6) I'll probably never write anything again, if my current profligacy continues. I started this post, for instance, on Thursday morning.

7) I don't remember the last new person to start calling me Radge.

8) Twitter eats your life up and is probably fairly pointless if you're stuck in the world of Nokia, circa 2008.

9) I don't remember writing this...

2002. I saw him coming in, nodded in his direction, nothing back. Him and his mates, ordering cocktails and taking the piss. Ordering cocktails ("does this look like the kind of place you can get a fucking cocktail?"). Him and his mates, their scarves and pints of Heineken. Taking the piss out of everybody and everything, making big plans.

...but I did. Some time.

10) I wish I was still nicknamed The Shadow. That was a good nickname.


Burkeyblog said...
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Fransays said...

Is 'Him' the laugher? If so, I'm disappointed in you. Deeply disappointed.

Radge said...

Not the laugher, purely fictional, I think.

Kath Lockett said...

'5) I'll probably never write anything as witty as a single episode of Frasier.'

Yep, I hear ya Radge. We've got the entire set and Sapphire and I watched them over the summer.