Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Should is a pointless thing

Apparently, you should never confuse streptococcus with staphylococcus.

Once again, I fail one of life's little tests.

I've had a knackering case of throat ouch, the likes of which I've only suffered once before.

I remember it well because of the sheer bastardry of the thing, and it cleared up on the day that the Branch Davidians ran afoul of the US government.

Sitting in my parents' room in 32A, lying on their bed when the sickness broke and my wellness was greeted in a torrent of FBI hellfire. Strange the things we recall.

If I had school to miss, I'd be missing it now. Fucking strep throat. Any pox that sunders a man's ability to enjoy his food is not alright by me, it isn't welcome when all I can do is yearn for the Stag's Head, or Neary's, or McDaid's pub on Harry Street.

I want to go out and play, but I make do with the World Indoor Bowls Championship on BBC2, and the book that never ends.

Last Saturday night, in O'Neill's on Pearse Street, aroused a hunger in me for stories and ale that never bedded down, thanks to this malignance, but dammit if it didn't go into retreat an hour ago.

Porridge and flaxseed, if you please, and the first razor-free ingestion in days. Let it not be a ruse, let it be a turning and I swear to jaysus I won't waste another moment lamenting things I should be doing.

Should is a pointless thing.


Kitty Catastrophe said...

I was going to say get well soon, but to paraphrase Demetri Martin, fuck that, get well *now*!

Radge said...

Let wishing make it so.

This Limbo said...

The joy of the razor-free movement of nutrition from gob to gullet...universal!

But beware the menace that is the strep throat. Twas one of 'em bastards that killed my kidneys. True story.

Radge said...

I remember something about that, you were in your early teens I believe?

I went to the doctor early, just a day or two into it. Very glad I did. Have heard a few scare stories of hospitalisation...