Friday, January 27, 2012

50 bad things (the 2012 Burial remix)

1. Flaxseed, but I persist for reasons peristalsic.
2. One fucking two fucking three dot ie.
3. Football agents.
4. Rachel Allen's accent.
5. Jeremy Clarkson.
6. RTE's business correspondent David Murphy, and his rape of the letter 'T'.
7. Ryle Nugent.
8. Strep throat.
9. Tallafornia, for its name alone. I'd never infect my senses with it.
10. The Afternoon Show.
11. The Lotto letdown.
12. Outnumbered.
13. Damp.
14. Cucumbers.
15. Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod.
16. Teenagers from Terenure affecting tough Dublin accents.
17. Jason Byrne.
18. The word Twitterati.
19. 'Fail.'
20. No Sky Sports.
21. Andrew Carroll.
22. Absent bloggers such as Gimme and Annie and Therese and those that keep me away from myself.
23. Fibrous Dysplasiae.
24. The sheer number of 'transformative' programmes on television.
25. Rihanna
26. Male pattern baldness.
27. Dublin Bus fare hikes.
28. Internships.
29. Accidentally pressing the wrong button and ending up on the UPC info channel. Repeatedly.
30. The film 'The Guard.' A huge disappointment.
31. Two And A Half Gobshites.
32. No chocolate in the house.
33. Private blogs. What's the point?
34. HSE leader Brendan Grace.
35. George Hook.
36. Night shifts.
37. Liquorice.
38. Forced short termism due to occupational uncertainty.
39. Rick Santorum.
40. Seán Sherlock.
41. Eamon Gilmore.
42. Everything becoming social. Everything.
43. The Academy Awards.
44. HD. 3D. All that bollocks.
45. Smartphone snobbery.
46. That Ladbrokes ad with the Italian fella shouting his head off. Jesus Christ.
47. Drunkenness.
48. The need to wee in the middle of a cosy night's sleep.
49. Fads.
50. Troikas, Anglo, waste, despair, bad news, David McWilliams, foreboding, hospital trollies, price fixing, bondholders, gaffes, kill me.


Andrew said...

4,9,15,18 and 31, in particular.

As for the Dublin bus hikes, that newfangled Leap Card is yer only man. No more scrabbling around for change and the fares are only about five cent up on the old ones, instead of twenty or thirty. Plus, sometimes it means you get a free journey, because the driver "hasn't been trained in on it yet, bud."

Word verification is 'ouzzoast', which puts one in mind of a particularly drunk Greek peasant.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

No. 29 gives me such rage. I'm convinced it just randomly does it, even when I'm actually pressing the right buttons. Raar!

Kath Lockett said...

Agree with all of them. Well, those I can understand anyway.

Radge said...

Andrew - Of the ones you chose, 15 is particularly bad. I'm going to get a Leap card and I could most certainly do with getting ouzzoasted off my backside.

Kitty Cat - The upstairs telly is a divil for it.

Kath - Be thankful for those you're unfamiliar with. Particularly, I presume, number 46.

Therese Cox said...

Not absent, Radge. Just, ya know, resting. Pining for the fiords. Plotting the next attack.

I don't know about you, but your lists sure make me feel better. And I swear it isn't just because of the numbers.

KFS said...

Outnumbered is funny, but maybe you need to have kids for it to work.
The Guard was deadly, how dare you.
Private blogs are extra annoying when you used to read them but now you are locked out of the party. fuckers.
fail/win; a simple dichotomy to make becoming a fucking moron that little bit easier.

Holemaster said...

The Guard was awful stuff.

My blog is off at the moment due to reasons unrelated yet directly related.

It will be back as soon as I'm unhappy and bitter about my poor decisions in life again.