Thursday, December 08, 2011


Things from the last few weeks...

1) I made a conscious decision to quit blogging, and to just leave that last nothing of an entry as my parting gift to nobody in particular. Then, much like snooker gobshite Ronnie O'Sullivan, I unquit by writing several entries that will stay in the drafts and decided to go the opposite way entirely. More Radgery, all the time, wittier and witherier than ever!*

*Not a guarantee.

2) I discovered the wondrous world of the smoothie. Foolishly, I believed that banana - a fruit that would cause me to die or just explode a little bit - was a crucial ingredient but this is not the case. This is not the case and I'm happy about it, and my strawberry something from Zumo in the Jervis Centre made me quiet and happy for 12 glorious minutes last Tuesday.

3) I turned the age of Jebus and got spoiled for the feat by herself.

4) I worked highly irregular hours, at shorter and shorter notice, making me crave some job security and the life of a man on daily nodding terms with the same faces, at the same minute past 8am, on some office clad city centre street. Then I accepted my lot and gloried in recorded Masterchef at 2pm of a Thursday.

5) I slowly muddled, and keep muddling, my way through The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. Why am I so easily distracted from literature?

6) I got a little bit very fucked up over the death of Gary Speed.


Kitty Catastrophe said...

Smoothies with strawberries in them are the best kind. I'm glad you decided to un-quit, sneaky and all as the decision was.

Andrew said...

oh, I toy with quitting all the time, but I know that as soon as I did I'd start having loads to say again and have to come crawling back. Like Gimme.

The Gary Speed thing is very affecting for some reason, isn't it? I started to write something about it the other day but it was coming out horribly trite.

Radge said...

Kitty Cat - It turns out beer is better than any smoothie. Who knew?

Andrew - Ah, Gimme. We should be due a glut of blogs some time in March.

The Gary Speed thing was a shocker, and the rumours have started as we knew they would. Such bullshit.

Kath Lockett said...

Welcome back. Even if I don't understand point number six.

Radge said...


On point number six: Former footballer and manager of Wales who recently committed suicide at the age of 42. Grew up watching him play...