Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The spot on my nose

Total cholesterol is 6.3... this should not exceed 5.0... LDL cholesterol is 4.2... this should not exceed 3.0... HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol, is at 0.9... ideally this should be between 1 and 2...

I get it. Stop with the cheese and the Twixes and the roast beef breakfasts. Make nice with the walnuts and the sardines and the myriad salad leaves that hide from you in the chilled food section.

What a bunch of old bollocks, this spreading of I Can't Believe This Tastes So Bland on my toast and the accession to exercise that I'd rather not do. My body, my doctor, my fasting bloods don't take into account a need for taxi driver stories to kickstart this ailing weblog.

Like the other day and the man that told me he had decided at 18 to never worry a day in his life.

"That was 31 years ago and I just figured, if I spend today worrying and I don't wake up tomorrow, I'll have spent my last day on earth tying myself up in knots for no reason."

I liked that. I told him I liked that and I'd never heard that before, and he said it was his own and that I could use it away. A nice man. A clean car. Fiver for the fare and some gratis life coaching. I can't give that up. I won't give that up.

Time for some porridge.


Kath Lockett said...

Cholesterol, Schmolesterol in my opinion!

Mine was 7.9 with the 'good stuff' at 3 - a rate the doctor had never seen before. She admitted as much to me and said that she had no idea what to do with such a huge amount of bad *and* good cholesterol and sent me on my merry way. Like your new friend, I too ain't going to waste my time worrying about a dodgy measuring device that still has medical 'experts' debating on it's accuracy and usefulness.

Says she who ate a baguette stuffed with blue cheese and followed up with a block of Toblerone!

Kath Lockett said...

Shit. Sorry about the 'it's' - synapses aren't fully firing at the mo.

Radge said...

Feck sakes, my replies keep getting eaten up (pun intended) the first time I post them.

I knew you'd catch the error before I'd a chance to rebuke you, and I write this through the eating of a roast beef baguette. Cholesterol Schmolesterol indeed.

Holemaster said...

Yeah. The walnuts. Like eating a bag of soft conkers.

Living with a lady tends to bring the levels down though.

I absolutely recommend porridge. Soak overnight. Cook on low, slowly. Bit of honey. It's magical stuff.

And Red Yeast Rice is very good too.

Radge said...

Red yeast rice. That's a new one to me. I'll look it up.