Friday, September 02, 2011

Writing home about stuff...

Ever hear the one about the man with two homes, two part-time jobs and a stop-start case of ear knack? No, me neither, and were there to be a punchline it would likely be unwieldy and confusing.

Two homes. Two jobs. A stop start case of ear knack and the things I nearly blogged about, but didn't, such as a visit to the dentist and the fact that co-habitation looms.

Because I've just started what I'm certain is my eighth year of blogging and I have to dash home for a night of purest sitting, I'm going to revert to an old favourite.

Things I don't give a shit about this week:

Jessie Wallace's marital woes.
How long it took the Ireland handball players to get to New Zealand.
The fact that the dentist wants to thieve almost 300 of my europounds for fillings.
The fact that I should have flossed more.
Pink wafers.
The early retirement of Anne Doyle.

Cheese of the week is Jarlsberg.


hope said...

Was skipping through cyberspace today and wondering how you were. Lucky for me I landed on a "list" day.

You seem to be well, except for dental issues (don't get me started on that!). To feed my curiosity, can you tell me whatever happened to Terrence McDanger and his cows?

Have a good weekend!

Radge said...

Hope - Hello again, been a while. Terence moved to South Korea a year ago, and has just renewed for another year. His blog is a thing of the past but he's in fine form. Was in touch with him recently.

Kath Lockett said...

Nearly cohabitation time - congrats, Radge

Radge said...

Thanks Kath.

Conan Drumm said...

Imminent co-habitation has scuttled your inner sub-ed... unless you were also referencing Eileen Doyle?

ps I suspect dem handball players would have got a result against Slowvakia.

Radge said...

Ha! Proof of how little I gave a shit about her golden years, if nothing else. Duly amended.

Holemaster said...

Looms or beckons?

I recommend breakfast together every morning. Even if nothing much is said, it's good to have that shared moment before the lung butter orchestra of fellow bus passengers or a glum comment from a co-worker.

Radge said...

Beckons is a far better word for it, and sit down meals have been a feature from the start.

Pizza in front of the telly though. It's the law.