Thursday, August 04, 2011

Euro and Euros, both correct, but don't you just hate Euros as a plural?

Seven bottles of wine on the floor.

The Indian man in the Londis on Clanbrassil Street who always says 'how's it going' in a brassy Dublin accent.

Me, blank screen staring, for fifteen illicit minutes during Bank Holiday Monday. Not even hungover. Just not giving a fuck.

Talking to a 60-something woman with a lived-in face about The National and music in general.

Taking a different walk to work on differing days of the week.

Staring at the ceiling on a day off, and not bothering to care until much later on.

The red result of a forgotten pair of swimming trunks, and outside hot-tub sitting in Meath.

Realising it had been over a week since a blog, and not bothering to care until much later on.

The goat's cheese trial going well.

Telling the story of a 'dopp' and not really claiming it as my own.

Not being too sure if it should be goat's cheese, goats cheese or goats' cheese, and the loss of my perspicacity.


mapstew said...

So I'm not the only one with too much time on my hands.

Radge said...

Presumably not.

canine letters said...

down their carved names the rain drop ploughs

shiny said...

hey, stop reading my mind!

Radge said...

AG - Something about cider.

Shiny - Stop stealing my thoughts!