Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Waiting Room

I don't fall sick that often, I just seem to write about it whenever I do. I'm pretty sure I wrote about something a few weeks ago that left me, then came back, then left again.

Then I drank it back into myself, or tempted it back up with one of those great weekends of wellness and love and the best blinkin' rib eye of my life, because yesterday I felt like death.

The ear, you see.

Herself hates an earache above all other things and says that nothing feels more invasive. I could relate so, this being a week where I need my brain for the actual pursuit of professional recovery, I rang the doctor's office on Suffolk Street and begged for a review, cheaper than a consultation.

I ouched my way up to town and walked up the stairs to the surgery. My usual waiting seat by the window was taken so I sat beside a hock snotting rugby dick of the highest order, all lime jumper, pink shirt and guttural abomination.

I wish I didn't hate strangers so easily, so quickly, but jaysus I took against this lad before my arse met the chair. He was sitting there, hocking and sniffing at three second intervals, and not so much turning the pages of his Metro Herald as doing war with it.

It was his obliviousness that got to me, the noises coming out of him without even the slightest idea of other people in the room. I wondered if punching him in the nose might soften his cough, or if I should simply just take the box of tissues from the window sill and jam it down his craw.

I did neither, of course, because I'm happier holding on to my anger and rolling my eyes like a disapproving grandmother.

A woman with a baby came into the room and I offered up my seat, which she took, before the musical chairs continued and I managed to snaffle the window seat.

I was facing him at this stage. The chair beside him was now free but instead of offering it to one of the three or four people who came in, looked around and walked back out again to stand in the hallway, he just used it as a resting spot for his discarded supplements, leaflets and free morning newspaper.

The receptionist came in to ask if he could remove the papers and free up the seat but he just ignored her, staring out the window, dreaming no doubt of Mother Leinster. She had to fangle her way around him and clear up his mess herself, while I silently defenestrated the prick from across the room.

I blame the parents.


John Braine said...

Those two types of people things are bullshit I know but I think the big divide is between inconsiderate fucks and the rest of us.

I played out this scene in my head this morning, that when the guy beside me on the dart with legs apart at 90 degrees overflowing into half of my seat... when he got up to get past me I wouldn't budge, and he'd say "sorry do you mind?" and I'd say "You didn't fucking mind when you were taking up half my seat, you prick".

This daydream went on for a bit but it was int erupted by him motioning to get up and me kindly letting him out of course.

Radge said...

There was an inevitability about your courteousness.

canine letters said...

Recuperate & I'll be seeing you for a Cider - due to meet N vy soon - will be in touch xxx

(ps. appropriately enough, the word verification for me to post this is Dingle!)

Kitty Cat said...

As if the pink shirt and lime jumper weren't bad enough.

Radge said...

AG - Good work, keep me informed.

Kitty Cat - It yelped cuntishness.

Holemaster said...

I often experience that rage, that tearing apart of greedy faces and baseball batting down lane-ways while I remain outwardly composed.

I comfort myself in knowing I am not them.

Annie said...

The only thing worse than earache is toothache. Get well soon Radge. x

Radge said...

Holemaster - One of these days I'll end up ringing Joe Duffy.

Annie - Much better, thank you! As ever, it pretty much disappeared as soon as I paid the nice receptionist lady with the good teeth.

Kath Lockett said...

Perfectly put for 99% of humanity (or all of your blog readers, I'll assume): "I did neither, of course, because I'm happier holding on to my anger and rolling my eyes like a disapproving grandmother."

Emilio.M said...

I definitely agree, I remembered the last time I had a toothache I wasn't able to go to work.
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