Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Square one, and life's great pleasures

1) I'm allergic to bananas.

2) I can't think of many other foods I wouldn't eat, except for eggs.

3) I can't stand the sound of an apple being eaten. It sounds like leg break to me.

4) I dislike people who don't ask questions.

5) I recently considered applying for a job in sales. Honest to jaysus, sales.

6) I don't think I could give up coffee, black, no sugar, never instant and strong.

7) Life's great pleasures #1: Walking into a busy pub, standing room only, the seat beside you becomes free.

8) It is fifteen months since I've been to my favourite place.

9) The only drug that interests me is Exputex.

10) My favourite smell could be Olbas Oil.

11) Life's great pleasure #2: Kehoe's on a Monday afternoon.

12) If I read more, the words will come.

13) I miss writing about the bad dates, but I don't miss the bad dates for a single second.

14) I'm happy, so very happy, that Fernando Torres is now a poor man's Geoff Horsfield.

15) I've watched 'When Harry Met Sally' more than is normal for a straight man, and I apologise to nobody. I'm making herself watch it soon.

16) Life's great pleasures #3: Mussels.

17) I drank far too close to a phlegm of Leinster supporters last Saturday, in O'Neill's of Pearse Street, and lived to tell this tale.

18) I wear black t-shirts a lot, seldom white, never grey.

19) I despise getting a missed call from a private number, with no message left.

20) In the last month, I have started eating porridge with great regularity.


Kitty Cat said...

That's a tremendous collective noun right there. I'll be stealing that.

Radge said...

I struggled on that one, but I feel I nailed it.

shiny said...

Does that include eating an apple yourself?

Radge said...

Nope! I always cut it up first.

Yep! I'm a freak.

Therese Cox said...

I must second Kitty Cat's accolades on the collective noun. "A phlegm of Leinster supporters" is one for the books.

And re: #8, what is your favorite place and why haven't you been there in 15 months?

Radge said...

An Daingean, Therese, time and money just got away from me.

Therese Cox said...

Oh, right, that place you go and harass that dolphin. Here's hoping you make it back soon. Isn't Fungi, like, 70 years old by now?

Radge said...

He's 872. It's the sea air.

Holemaster said...

I think I was in O'Neill's on Saturday when that match was on. We gave our seats to some chaps when we left before the end of the game.

There was a supporter amongst us but I tried to keep my distance.

Radge said...

That could have been us to take your seats. Like ships in the night, we are.

Kath Lockett said...

Love this list, Radge man. You sound suspiciously very happy to me.

And if it makes you feel any better, WHMS is one of Love Chunks' fave flicks as well....

Off to eat some EGGS for breakfast!

Annie said...

"I miss writing about the bad dates, but I don't miss the bad dates for a single second."

I think you should write more about the current, good dates. I know happiness writes in white but I wish I'd written more about falling in love and how fucking amazing it was, but somehow when I look back through my blog all I have is pitiful break up stuff.

You write so beautifully. Plus, I'm nosey.

Radge said...

Kath - What's not to love, apart from Billy Crystal's face? I take mild exception to his face. Your fella has good taste.

Poxy eggs.

Annie - 'Happiness writes in white,' never saw that before. That's great. I've written a few pieces but a part of me feels I could jinx it. Maybe that's a common thing, maybe not. It is the kind of writing I'm happiest with, there's a lot of filler 'round these parts otherwise!

Also, thanks for the kind words, and for being nosey.

Jayhaitch said...
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Jayhaitch said...

I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for Nando. It's like hearing your ex has been cheated on by her new man.

She probably deserves it and even though you've moved on and are happy...there is just a pin prick of sadness that someone you once loved is now hurting.

Radge said...

Jayhaitch - I see where you're coming from, but I can't feel badly for him. Anywhere but Chelsea.