Thursday, February 24, 2011

Karma come lead me on...

The bottom of Grafton Street, today, 4pm.

I was in the queue at the Ulster Bank ATM behind a well dressed blonde woman, late thirties, who had a pursed lip and a hassled way about her.

She finished her transaction and walked away before the cash machine had spat out €150.00, leaving me holding the cash with the greatest gombeen expression of 'what the fuck?' I could come up with.

I figured it was a pretty little windfall before my bastard of a conscience kicked in and I made chase, catching up with her on Suffolk Street.


She turned around and I thrust the cash into her hand.

"You left this behind you..."

She looked relieved but didn't smile, just said thanks and walked away.

I was texting news of my do-goodery not two and a half minutes later when a bird shat on my head and my jacket and my glasses on the corner of Harry Street.

I 'what the fuck?'ed again before finding myself in the nearest pub jacks, washing away the avian faeces, then making absolute haste to the nearest Lotto depository. Some good must come of all this.


Holemaster said...

There's got be a 'bird shat on you' joke in there.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

I'd have given her €50 and waited for her reaction before deciding whether or not to hand over the rest.

Kitty Cat said...

Contrary wagon. She could have at least cracked a smile. I can't stand people that don't even acknowledge you when you hold a door open for them. I bet she's one of those.

Radge said...

Holemaster - I really hope there isn't.

Mook - I should have pocketed something 'for my troubles.'

Kitty Cat - I think she was just gobsmacked at her own forgetfulness.

This Limbo said...

OMG. You're the second person I know to have had that experience in the last week.

Other lad also chased and returned the money.

He also bought lotto tickets afterwards.

The only thing ruining the symmetry of your stories is the bird with stomach problems.

Radge said...

Poxy ire-ridden bird.

Cross those fingers for me!

The Broken Down Barman said...

the only good that could possible come from this is that the sour faced cow falls in front of a heavily laden articulated lorry and leaves you a house in the country in her will, or something similar.....

Jayhaitch said...

I found €20 in Thomas Reeds on the night we were introduced. Karma then proceeded to make me walk away from the bank machine without my own €20 two days later.

I'd have preferred bird poop.

Radge said...

Bird poop is overrated, especially when you don't even get a free scratch card at the end of it.