Thursday, February 17, 2011

I won't follow you into the rabbit hole

It's the gall that gets me, the 'attack is the best form of defence' manifesto that will probably see the crooks get back in.

People are fucking thick.

Yeah, it's the gall, it's Mary Hanafin saying the media "needs to cop on" for questioning politicians' St. Patrick's Day jaunts.

"To promote the country."


Never mind the fact that we're bound up in the IMF's gimpsuit, on a chain, in a room, on an island on the edge of a continent. Never mind the feeding of a beast that shites out the likes of David Drumm and his (to this day) contention that he's owed bonus payments from A***o I***h B**k. Never mind the fact that our current Taoiseach promotes the country as well as Brendan O'Connor promotes likeability.

What kind of a country is there left to promote?

Pay little mind to all that, though.

What gets to me is that Hanafin comes from the same party as a man who ran up travel expenses of €126,000, while she was inching forward from the back benches. We have longer memories now that we're mired in the shit, now that we've "copped on."

Taking an interest in how much a limo costs from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 in JFK has become our imperative.

If I stay away from this kind of thing usually it's because the sound of grown men and women trying to outlie each other on national television, day after day, and calling it all a vision for a brighter future is sickmaking in the extreme and I find it all quite hard to take in.

I find it harder still to believe that one is less craven than the other.


Holemaster said...

Things must be bad. To the shelter with me.

Radge said...

Twenty's fault. Fucker's got me riled.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

That that riled-uppedness and turn it into patriotic action Radge.

Don the gimp suit take one from each of the bond holders in return for 'debt forgiveness' (or another of those terms I've become frightfully & frighteningly familiar with in recent times).