Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Walk to work

8am. Fuck. Due in at 8am and here I am, mattress stuck and gunk-eyed. Right. I take a shower and wash the last of those 24 hours away from me, 24 hours that felt like the best kind of drinking. They were sober.

I wash those hours away from me, take a drink of water, register the darkness of the hour and head out.

Miserable heads. Properly miserable heads clutching cardboard coffee cups and nobody smoking for at least another three days, when the sameness-as-last-year will hit them and they'll reach.

I don't soundtrack it, I forget about the music in my pocket. I just walk in some middling funk. I forget about the music and the fact that I'm not hungover. I feel like I should be.

The same heads, or at least they could be. I only see suits of a morning, never faces.

I hope I can turn on the lights, on some pretense of being on time, before I realise I don't care. I need a real job anyway. Something non-dickhead but lucrative. I need to resolve but this is no time for resolution, this is just another day where I come in, bang on the headphones, cut myself off and live in an idyll while everyone else treats it as the end of the world.


Holemaster said...

I changed my New Year some years back to 1st March, a far more hopeful date. So I never notice the gloom of January 1st.

What's another day.

Radge said...

I love January. Cold crisp weather; room to breathe; couches; semi-colons; no school; etc.

I doubt I used the semi-colons correctly. I never will either.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

Why use a comma when the top half of a winking smiley face will do

Radge said...


The Drivel Machine said...

Do you ever think that if you bang on about not having a job in your blog enough, some rich bastard will just give you one? Or better yet, want to sponsor your lifestyle? When they do it for me, I'll get you in.

Radge said...

I've always had the hope that some publishing house person will happen by and snap me up. I probably need to blog more and stop daydreaming, though.