Friday, January 21, 2011

Green sweets

What was I doing in the Westbury anyway? A heaving crowd in McDaid's must have been the reason I found myself supping with McGoo on the nicely upholstered couches, eating disgusting bar nuts and talking about the correct way to swill a brandy glass.

There we were, drinking lager beer for the price of a small remortgage, when he spotted a fifty euro note on the floor beside me.

I bent down, picked it up, discovered it to actually be two 50 quid notes folded up, called over the waiter, handed it over, went back about my drinking.

In these straitened times, more fucking fool me. Too honest for my own good.


Cut to today, and town, and walking around with no cares and a high sense of anticipation for our first weekend away. It's a surprise, a delayed Christmas present from myself to herself, and I can't have it come quickly enough.

I keep telling her it's Roscommon, it's Bray(ruit), it's a night in Borris-in-Ossory's Leix County Hotel.

It's none of the above, but I can promise barefoot trekking and religious keening. She'll love it.


Andrew said...

Shoulda hung onto the money. Word is, a hundred beans gets you two salmon en croute dinners (with complimentary tea OR coffee) and a 'happy ending' up at Lough Derg.

Radge said...

Loaves, fishes, hand jobs. It's all in the Rough Guide.

Holemaster said...

That was an opportunity to give real meaning to your weekend away. Now you'll just be doing penance for penance sake.

Which is very Irish of course. Nothing like a bit of suffering.

Radge said...

I love me some Catholic guilt.

This Limbo said...

She'll not be disappointed if it's Knock, Radge. It's holier than the Pope's gaff, with fewer swastikas plastered on the walls.

Olga said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog came by way of " MAPSTEW" I love reading your blog. It helps to understand mysteries Irish soul :) I am Russian, by the way.

Conan Drumm said...

I reckon it must be Garrulous Oratory (sic) you're headed for, or somewhere similar in the peninsular kingdom.

Radge said...

Regina - Where were you in the planning stages? Knock would have topped the list. Next time I think we'll go Amish.

Olga - Thanks for stopping by, you're very welcome.

Conan - Not quite that far afield, there was eating and drinkin' to be done.

Conan Drumm said...

Ah, would it be where there lived an old saint, renowned for his sanctity and piety, with manners both curious and quaint, who looked on young maids with disparity?

Radge said...

I'd need a clearer head to answer that.