Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm leaving the country on Sunday, all of three nights away somewhere cold and northerly and Stockholmish.

While I'm looking forward to it, the prospect of Dublin Airport at any time fills me with the fear.

It's more a resignation to my fate, a realisation that soon will come baggage checks and charges, queues and queues of bastardly queues, carousels and passports and the fear that I've lost my boarding pass.

Arse pocket.

Airports. Fuck. I hate them so. I have a peculiar phobia of Sky Clowns, them with their remarkable poise and painted faces and 'have a good trip have a good trip have a good trip.' Remarkable poise. Not natural. Freaks me out. Fucking Sky Clowns.

Still, I'm a sucker for a place where winter meets efficiency. A place where a few sheets of snow doesn't mean shutdown. I've never been to Sweden before and it will be good to get away from all matters Kildare Street and the couch, this couch, with its unrelenting grasp of my person.

It's been a long time. September 2008 saw my last time out of Ireland, the culmination of several trips to Europe that had me walking around, alone, pretending to be a lot more interesting than I was, to nobody in particular.

Paris had the best of me then, Vienna the worst, but two years and a bit years down the line I'll be swapping such solitary confinement for the stories of my elders.

It will be worth a couple of airports.


Kitty Cat said...

I'd love to get away from all things Kildare Street for a bit, but working there makes it somewhat difficult.

Anyway, you never know, you might have fun at the airport when it's not a case of solitary confinement. Enjoy your northwards break.

Radge said...

I plan to. I just bought my first woolly hat in years.

Andrew said...

"Stockholm is fast becoming Europe's most fashion-forward city, home to Jonny Johannson, Acne and H&M."

Radge, I never thought I'd catch you slavishly following the advice of that well-known fashion guru, Paul Galvin:

Radge said...

Are you jokin' me?

I must have watched 'Galvinised' at least.... ehm.... half of one time by now.

Andrew said...

What in the holy fuck is 'Galvinised'?

Radge said...

RTE documentary/'Paul Galvin Vanity Hour,' broadcast around Christmas.

Kath Lockett said...

It will. I haven't been overseas since 2008 and that was just to bloody New Zealand- I envy you guys the fact that Sweden is just a weekend trip!

For us, just heading home for Christmas is 650km and nine hours of car-headache and boredom....

Holemaster said...

I'm heading to Germany soon for a weekend of enjoying real beer and manly pursuits. The manly pursuits is the drinking of the beer. Would that be a tautological statement?

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