Thursday, December 09, 2010

Seven things

Here, look, avoid Dundrum. Just avoid it. If Windy Arbour is your Luas stop of choice then you're in for a world of hurt. I'm just saying that you should seek alternative housing for the winter because there's no way those paths are going to give you any purchase before April.


I'm a paper writer, and by that I mean I've a feature in the Evening Heddled next Tuesday. Seeing as most (all) of my published writing takes place on the transient bastard that is the interstream, this is a great source of pride to me. Until people read it and mock me, anyway.


I have nothing at all to do tomorrow, bar go to the shops, leave down the bins, ignore the paparazzi, wash my tracksuit bottoms, eat cheese, read Empire, be horizontal and yawn. Actually, I'll be quite busy.


Puff pastry or sweet pastry mince pies? I'm siding with the former but never underestimate how divisive this topic can become. So many family feuds spawned by this debate.


Gripe 11,838: When you're on the inside seat of the bus or the Luas and the person beside you simply shifts to the side to let you out, as opposed to standing up. It makes me very accidentally elbowy in the face. Ha.


Danny Trejo's in the new episode of Modern Family, which I'm watching instead of giving much attention to this blog. Danny Trejo. Modern Family. Incongruous.


Cricket. I'll just never get it.


Conor said...

I must get my hands on the Herald so. Should we expect a Barry Egan-esque social diary?

Radge said...

Yes you should, but it won't be on the same page as my honeyed prose.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

1 - Can't avoid. Work there now.

2 - Will read. Will mock.

3 - Washed tracksuit bottoms. What are you? The Queen?

4 - Puff pastry. Lesser of two evils.

5 - You're a hero to us all. Ignorant fucks.

6 - Must start watching.

7 - I do. Ish.

Radge said...

I laughed heartily at your number three.

Kitty Cat said...

I was watching Modern Family last night too and as soon as I spotted him I squealed "Machete!". His face is so amazing. And I'm a bit in love with Sofia Vergara. Modern Family is possibly the best show on telly right now.

Holemaster said...

I am equipped with shoe chains. I took a corner on a slope at full speed last night to the gasps of onlookers.

Radge said...

What the devil are they?

Kath Lockett said...

Gripe five - use your arse instead. Brush it up against their face as you pass. I do.

Radge said...

Advice taken, thanks Kath.

Holemaster said...

They're stretch on contraptions for the soles of your shoes. Engineering at it's best.