Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"He barely even mentions the snow."

Echinacea. Never held much truck with it before but the on-set of male pattern coughing, spluttering and snoofling took me to Boots the other day.

Lash one of those lads - they look like purple Berocca - into a mug of hot water and watch it go. It's a delightful little blackcurrant potion that, coupled with industrial amounts of Exputex, should see me right for the Christmas.

I'm also a few days boozeless and that can only be a good thing after last week. All that brilliant carnage. Why blog when you can drink and eat and drink again, in Bowe's and Neary's and The Globe and all those places I seem to end up in spite of my liver and my self?

Yep. Did myself a right old damage, lurgy and stomach-gah, but the form is good and why wouldn't it be? It's been a good year, as they go.

Home: August, and the move from 'Withnail and I'-style rusticity to grander pastures altogether, surrounded by people and restaurants and a supermarket that's only a slippery, slidey walk up the road away.

Work: Much the same - bit and bobs of paid employ to keep my head above water - and I've been writing more, here and in the drafts and in places not yet visited by others. The recent paper piece might also spawn some opportunities, it is all good.

Football: A black spot. A shite World Cup and even shiter Liverpool. At least we're hopeless at rugby again, taking the 'Leinster! LEINSTER!' saps down a peg or ten. You can't get tribal over a province, to my mind.

T'other thing: I do not miss waxing on and on and on again about the perils of internet dating.

Food: I went from olive-like to olive-love, picking them off the plates of unsuspecting co-diners and strangers alike. Yoink. After the cholesterol scare of 2008 I still haven't fully embraced the myriad cheeses this town has to offer, but I'm getting there. We're here for a good time, not a long time.

Pubs: If you don't know where to find me by now, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

Drunkening of the year: Myself and Fitzbollix, the morning after a stag. What started off as an eye opener and a bite to eat turned into The Stag's Head, The Long Hall, The Long Stone and somewhere on the quays, before he pissed off a bridge. That is to say he urinated from a conduit, nothing to do with invoking its ire.

Sky Sports News presentress of the year: Millie Clode. As ever.

Blogs of the year (in order of handiness from my dropdown menu): Andrew, Regina, Twenty, Shiny, Therese, Kitty Cat and Rosie. Oh, and not forgetting Jennikybooky.

Birthday of the year: Birthday of all my birthdays.

Film Of The Year: 'Another Year.'

The 'Wouldn't Have Him In The House' award for the most annoying tossbag shat forth by Satan in 2010: Brendan O'Connor. And there you were thinking it would be Barry Egan.


Kitty Cat said...

I've never quite forgiven olives for the time I thought one was a grape. Yeuck.

As for being included in your blogs of the year, colour me right pleased with myself.

Radge said...

Took me ages to like them. A taste that's very much acquired.

And it's very well deserved, as with all the named blogs and some I forgot.

This Limbo said...

So that was the year that was, eh? Sounds like a good one for the Radgery overall.
Much obliged for the big shout-out on your 'blogs of the year'...If I weren't the type to wallow in praise, I'd be blushing!
Happy christmas to you and her indoors xx

Radge said...

Oh yes, it was great. Having said that, I've a short memory. The first half could have been decidedly ordinary.

It couldn't have been a blog-list without you, and many happy returns on the Christmas thing. See you in the New Year...

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

Mmmmm olives.Hopefully 2011 will bring more good stuff your way m'dear, it's well deserved!

Radge said...

Shite! You're the one I forgot. Stupid brain lapse. Apologies m'lady, you know I never miss a Canadian posting, and thanks a lot.

Rosie said...

couldn't Brendan and Barry share?

thanks for the honourable mention. may christmas be as merry as your birthday.

Radge said...

Brendan takes the honours because I've happened on his gurning, lemon-sucking face once too often of a sad Saturday night. At least that other miscreant stays off the telly.

And you're very welcome. Hope it's a great first married Christmas for you both.

Andrew said...

Cheers for the mention, and for the hug you sent me earlier via my good lady.
Most of the personal blogs I read either gave up the ghost this year or went to shit entirely, but yours was a notable and always enjoyable exception. Have a great Christmas, and pray to fuck you don't get nominated for a Mulley in the new year.

My cunt of the year has to be Alison O'Riordan. And Eamon Ryan, who properly gives me the creeps.

Radge said...

Andrew - Funny how your lady wife's last blog only came into my head as I trundled off to Neary's. She accepted my greeting most gracefully though, and you sat at home with your pipe and a glass of brandy. For shame, good sir!

Cheers for the kind words, and they're absolutely reciprocated. I've pointed many a randomer towards yourself and Rosie's blogs. Happy Christmas, there'll be football watched in the new year between the bridges over pints I hope.

As for your final point, I don't know who Alison O'Riordan is, and I'm pissed off I never thought of Eamon Ryan. Good call.

Andrew said...

Alison O'Riordan is that awful sack who wrote pieces in the Irish Times whinging about her lot because she paid about half a million for a flat on the docklands and then they had the temerity to put affordable housing nearby and let povvos live there. She's well worth a google, but here's a handy primer:

Radge said...

'As I had to save rather than splurge, Saturday night on the tiles consisting of having drinks in a friend's house with bargain-basement grisly beer stuff.

I gritted my teeth and sucked it up; this was simply all I could afford. The era of gulping down Cosmopolitans was long gone.'

I got a bit sad reading that, but I suppose it's a good thing to know one's enemy. She seems like a complete bollox.

Holemaster said...

A Merry Christmas to you and yourself Radge.

Therese Cox said...

Thanks once more for the honorable nod. The admiration is mutual. For my part, I am very much looking forward to another fine year of the 3 R's: readin', ritin', and Radgemetic. Happy new year!

Radge said...

Not so much with the Radgematic over Christmas, but hopefully I'll groan back into gear soon. Thanks Therese, many happy returns to you.

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