Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lorraine Keane

Lorraine Keane launched her memoirs last night.

"I don't know of any book that has produced such controversy before people saw it. My God, did this book produce controversy," said John O'Connor, managing director of Blackwater Press, publishers of 'Working the Red Carpet'.

As Fitzbollix - who sent me the link to this dreadful little nothing of a story - put it:

'Generally high ranking politicians, highly successful individuals or military leaders write memoirs as they are more relevant to events in public rather than private life, not some dipshit little snatch with a personal gripe against some pissant TV station who produce endless reems of dross on a daily basis.'

I doubt I could put it better. And where did this all take place? The new 'Pink' nightclub which must be on Harcourt St. Fucked if I'm looking it up. And who attended? Something called a Claire Byrne and various other....

Ah here, look, hopefully there's a better blog waiting to be written, away from this detritus.


Andrew said...

Well, I'm going to taking my own memoirs, 'Tickling the Stars' (Vol. 1 to 7) elsewhere if that's the kind of vacuous guff that Blackwater Press are going to be involved with.
My invite to Lorraine's bash never showed up in the post, neither.

Radge said...

What did you expect after the focking hatchet job you, like, did on her in the Sindo?

shiny said...

Memoirs of AA Roadwatch?

Radge said...

Ah yes, she had that jotter in the helicopter over the Naas dual carriageway alright.