Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Gaby Roslin post

Moreish. No no no. I'm not having that as a word. It's one of those made up English fuckers that gives me quite the ire, along with snog, corrrrr!!! and barnet.

Also, the adding of -licious to words that aren't delicious, and even 'delicious' itself is a little too Rachel Allen for my taste. Yeah, that'd get it, my stick of justice.

= = =

I was examining the Red Tops for work purposes this morning. The Sun, The Star and The Mirror all carried front page leads related to The X Factor, with news of the country's impending bankruptcy relegated to the sidebar under the fold.

'Ireland: Ah Sure, It'll Be Grand.'

= = =

A septuagenarian taxi driver last week had just attended the christening of his 21st grandchild. An outrageously entertaining and brilliant man, he was the sort to pronounce beautiful as beautyful. I love that.

= = =

It's a long time since I've had occasion to try a new cheese.

= = =

I think Gary Barlow looks like a fat Gary Barlow.

= = =

I've dabbled in Smithwick's before, but I think it's going to take hold this time around. Brownest of the browns apart from heroin, which I hear is browner still and makes one all sleepy. I'm far too interesting for drugs.

= = =

I saw Black Roy and his White Wife down The Feathers last night.

= = =

I always thought Gaby Roslin was a cracking show host, and it's a travesty that she's currently slumming it for BBC Radio Kent while Phillip Schofield maintains a prominent televisual presence. I can only hope she does an Alan Partridge and bounces back.

= = =


= = =

Another mild headcold borne of tapas, ale, sandwiches, sex cake (not as bawdy as it sounds, but very tasty), late nights, triangulated sandwiches, Neary's and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Luckily, December's usually a quiet month.

Oh Jaysus.


shiny said...

I always think adding '-licious' to words is more Homer Simpson than Rachel Allen..

Kath Lockett said...

My favourite Red Top (apart from our Prime Minister) down here is the Northern Territory News. If it's not a rape or croc attack it's a sports scandal. Still, I've saved my all-time favourite headline from 1995 when we lived in Darwin: Man Goes Berserk With A Brick. I kid you not.

Radge said...

Shiny - Perhaps you're right. Her voice just came into my head when I said the word more-a-licious to myself.

Kath - I've wanted to be that man on many an occasion.

Conan Drumm said...

Pedantry alert...

Fold? In a red top? Oh, the back page?

Radge said...

OK, not the fold, bottom half of the front page on the left. It just doesn't read as well, pardon the pun.

Kitty Cat said...

I'm going to hazard a guess that you too were watching the behind the scenes programme about The Royle Family.

Radge said...

Close. The Royle Family itself was on while I was typing, but I missed the behind the scenes thing. My da has it recorded, though, so I'll see it at some stage.

shiny said...

Rachel Allen's voice in your head is a bad, bad thing.

neuroskeptic said...

Was Flat-Nosed Alan down the Feathers? Decent bitter in there, unlike the Pear Tree...

Totally agree about "moreish" - if something is distasteful, we don't say it tastes "less-ish" because we want less of it. Tosh.

re. "-licious", I get more annoyed by people suffixing "-holic" onto things to imply addiction. "Chocoholics" are not addicted to "chocohol", "shopaholics" are not.. you get the idea.

Radge said...

A very bad thing, Shiny. O sounds become ow sounds.

Neuroskeptic - I get the idea. And I subscribe to your ideas.

conortje said...

just watched Peep Show last night and loved Superhands' line 'that crack is really moreish'. You see, sometimes, just sometimes it works :-)

Radge said...

Conortje - I read this comment drunkenly and forgot about it. Anyway, somebody else mentioned the Superhands thing to me not hours after you'd posted and he hadn't read the blog. Great minds...