Thursday, October 21, 2010

She's in fashion

Dolores and Jimmy, sitting in their kitchen in Crumlin. Dolores is pottering around, doing a bit of tidying up, while Jimmy's just finished his Teatime Express coffee layer slice and reading the Independent.

Dolores: "I think I'll get one of them hoodie things."

Jimmy: (Nothing)

Dolores: "Jimmy! Should I get one of them hoodie things?"

Jimmy: "What bleedin' hoodie things?"

Dolores: "I always hear people go on about these hoodies, they're 'in,' or so they say. I seen a load of women wearing them on the South Circular Road yesterday. They're in fashion, like."

Jimmy: "Far from fashion you were... Throw on that kettle, will yeh?"

Dolores: "Throw it on yourself ya lazy bollix. I'm serious, though, I think they look lovely. They're real exotic."

Jimmy, putting down his paper: "Exotic? What are they? Describe them to me."

Dolores: "Well, they're these long black dresses and they have these hoods that you can only see through a slit, like."

Jimmy: "Jesus Christ woman, you're talkin' about a burka!"

Dolores: "Oh is that what they're called? Oh I love them, I think they're smashin'."

Jimmy: "But... they're what those foredners wear to cover themselves up so's fellas won't be lookin' at them. You can't get one of them!"

Dolores: "Are you sayin' you want fellas lookin' at me Jimmy?? Is that it? You tryin' to tell me somethin'?"

Jimmy: "I'm trying to tell you that only women of a certain ethnic background can wear them! The Muslims, like. You can't be going around in a burka for the love of Jaysus."

Dolores: "Oh but they look lovely and warm."

Jimmy: "You're losing the plot entirely woman."

Dolores: "You haven't a jealous bone in your body Jimmy Brady! Fellas do be ogling me all the time. I just think they look lovely and elegant and I'm getting one, right!"

Jimmy: "Look, do what ya want as long as I get a fuckin' cup of tea before next Tuesday!"

Dolores, distracted: "I wonder if Penney's do them. Here, Jimmy... JIMMY! If you get lucky I'll flash you a bit of eyebrow!"

Jimmy, despite himself, laughs.


Kath Lockett said...

Actually there's a few of us sheilahs who'd quite like to have a 'Burqa Day' every now and then, especially when bad hair, long-unshaven legs or bloating kicks in.....

Radge said...

Damn it. 'Burqa'. I'd amend but that ship has sailed.