Sunday, October 17, 2010 360

I was somewhere called Smock Alley to see something called a Hugh Hughes this evening.

Normally, the closest I come to banging elbows with culture involves a mid-afternoon slumping in one of the upstairs innards of the Savoy, away from the Big Beatbox of the Savoy One and whatever Zac or Zak Efron is starring in this 'Fall.'

Old Hugh. A Welshman, the whirringest of dervishes of fellows. Affable, frenetic, looks like Jose Mourinho on a Revels rush.

I'm no fan of slapstick but the sight of this forty-odd-oddman lashing into the stage wall, repeatedly, did for me like Benny Hill never could, and he had some interesting thoughts on the nature of friendship.

All quite strange, and all very terrifying given the level of audience participation. I'm no heckler, I'm no showman, I'm a passivist and it is my ambition to remain as one. Show me a jester eyeing up the audience as bait and I'll show you squirming to its highest degree.

He was looking to conduct a fake marriage ceremony and started separating the twos from the singles in the audience. How the alarm bell of my face, ringing red, didn't alert him is beyond me but he picked out Anders from Norway and his nondescript German missus. They handled it well. I would not have.

Awkwardness avoided, show finished and dignity somewhat intact we took on our bag and baggage and headed for Brogan's, leaving Hugh Hughes behind to hand out buttons with a slogan about perspective.


Kath Lockett said...

Poor old Love Chunks *always* gets selected no matter where he's seated, poor bastard.

He's been sat on and fondled by drag queen 'singers', hauled up on stage to 'help' a comedian, filmed for a serious newstory when all he was doing was fishing and had more than his fair share of over-friendly belly dancers at Greek restaurants.

Kitty Cat said...

I was once pulled out of a crowd to stand on a half naked Canadian man lying on a bed of nails. But that's Cork for you.

Radge said...

He needs stop wearing that tiara everywhere, it's just asking for trouble.

Kitty Cat - What happens in the People's Republic must stay in the People's Republic.

Holemaster said...

I was swept up on stage at the D'unbelievables around the time the nation was swept up by the pantomime of it all.

I was only scarlet.