Thursday, September 16, 2010

Throne sat and tittering

Liveline makes for a great laugh.

I had a listen yesterday, it's pure gold really.

Tommy From Inchicore You're On Liveline thought that "Twitter should be banned, Joe. All these new "moderen" things on the interweb only make bad situations worse, Joe. Sure if we didn't have Twitter none of us would be any the wiser, Joe."

Joe: "Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, yeah, right. Derek From Maynooth you're on Liveline."

Derek From Maynooth You're On Liveline had another take on it. "Cowen should have just come on Morning Ireland and said he'd a skinful the night before, that he wasn't at his best and that he was away home to bed to sleep it off for the day. That would have been the decent thing to do, Joe."

Joe: "Ah now Derek I'm not sure the leader of a country can come on and say he's off to bed of a Tuesday afternoon. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure."

Cue me, throne sat and tittering.

The things we choose to get riled up about.

Not Anglo, not hospital waiting lists, not the bones of dead children, not Ratzinger.

When I say 'we' I don't really mean 'we' because I couldn't give a continental bollix about how late he went to bed. The man's a dithering puppet at the best of times, he's the new low in Irish politics, and all the strategic apologies in the world won't make up for his reign of ineptitude. This is just a sideshow, yet uncomplicated enough to invoke mass hysteria.


Holemaster said...

And they can never see the irony.

I think it's a collection of wallops from the Brothers in their childhood that fester and are released as phone calls to Joe about head shops and nonsense.

Radge said...

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

(Nothing else in my ceann.)

Conan Drumm said...

That's a surefire recipe for piles.

The Drivel Machine said...

"...and do dey vandalise de wheelie bin Mary?"
"No, dey don't vandalise it Joe, dey do be just t'rowin' dey're rubbish innit. I mean my husband's got astma Joe..."

Radge said...

Ah, Drivel Machine - I do be afraid to comment on your blog but I don't be afraid to say it's great. I'm drunk so I've paid no attention to your actual comment.

The Drivel Machine said...

I'll be gentle, I swear...