Monday, September 06, 2010

Rank hum

There's a funk on Eyre Square that's hard to shift. I'm on the train back to Dublin writing this and the smell of sewage hasn't left the nostrils.

Some would say it's the stealth farts blasting forth from my innards, a body treated to a return to Guinness for the last two days. I'm not some, though, and I'm blaming the stench outside the hotel that stretches the length of the square up to Dunnes and beyond, sticking to clothes that need to see the inside of a wheel.

What of the city itself? Too many rugby club brigades with their soft 't's and their chinos. Too many hens wearing plastic tiaras. Too many beggars eyeing me with arousal before being told to go on their beery, beardy way.

Add in the stench and the horrible hotel humidity, piped-in Coldplay muzak and Robbie Williams covers and you had a man who could only seek solace in Naughtons and a trip to Spiddal, and beyond, with Goldmaster.

Not the Galway of my youth, then, but the best made of an untidy town in the finish.


Holemaster said...

I felt the same about Galway on a visit two years ago. It's a drinking machine.

The woolen jumpered characters that were interesting earthy fifteen years ago are just earthy now.

Past Spiddal in a place called Camus, there's a nice old pub beside the TG4 lovely girl factory.

Kath Lockett said...

Eerrk, this one makes me want to take another shower.... and lather up twice.

....and that's from someone who came from a town famous for the stench of the meatworks when they'd render the fat down on hot summer nights.

Radge said...

It did strike me that most of the beardy beggars just landed there for an innocent night or two on the tear twenty years ago, and never left.

Jennikybooky said...

"the stealth farts blasting forth from my innards"

You sir, are a poet.

Radge said...

I'm pretty sure I stole that wholesale from Shakespeare.

This Limbo said...

I warned ya. Didn't I warn ya? Okay, I didn't mention the smell, but I thought my "Galway ruined my life" statement would be sufficient to make you reconsider such a holiday and go north towards the picturesque Mayo

Radge said...

(Sheepishly) Yes... Yes, you warned me.