Thursday, September 23, 2010


There's a lot being made of this 17.59 thing.

I already know where I'll be - on the Luas between Milltown and Cowper, wondering if the girl halfway down the shiny silver carriage is giving me the eye before realising that she's laughing at something funny on the radio.

I know that there'll be one tossbag who'll shout out 'To Arthur' while the people around him shuffle slightly away, deciding whether or not to alight early.

- - -

The fourth series of Mad Men, three episodes in, is vastly exceeding my expectations. Down, down, deeper and down into the mind of Don Draper, not to mention the son of Richard 'Richard Harris' Harris. Exceptional.

- - -

Normally, a free class comes about when the teacher doesn't show up. This leaves the kids alone to throw around paper airplanes, replete with amateur breast etchings and tell of someone being gay, before the substitute comes in to break up the fun.

What do you call the kind of class where no students show up? Empty, I suppose, save for this lonely brave soul sitting quietly alone and trying to unlearn his lesson plan.

John Recession, as I've decided to name him, gets the blame for everything.

- - -

I'm looking forward to seeing 'This Is England 86' on DVD. I gave up recording it on the UPC box, Channel 4 showing repeats of episodes intermingled with the new ones to the point of too much confusion. I did catch ten minutes of it, though, and it looks like something seminal. It also introduced me to the music of one Ludovico Einaudi.


T cup said...

this is england is very good but they could of made a film of the episodes. pretty grime in places pretty funny in others. I want girl with the pink mohawks mohawk and her clothes.

Radge said...

It'll probably turn me into more of an 80s nostalgist than I already am.

And that's considerable.

The Top Tips for Trips Blog said...

17:59 is a rare minute of peace when people focus on Arthur rather than John as you call it/him. I'd raise a glass to anything that stops the communal recession moan for a moment :)

Holemaster said...

I'll be on a 10 bus on the way to UCD. Probably the worst possible place to be. You know how I feel about this raping of industrial history by silly little marketing people.

Kitty Cat said...

I've been meaning to get into Mad Men for ages. But for the moment I'm far too entranced by The Wire and the man called Stringer Bell to be distracted from it.

Heidi said...

Ludovico Einaudi's music is wonderful! I wasn't aware that anyone else was a fan (or even knew he existed.)

Radge said...

Trips for tips for blogs (don't really know what to call you) - You make a good point.

Holemaster - You have been most vocal indeed.

Kitty Cat - Ah, String. My favourite of all 87 characters. The Wire/Mad Men is an impossibly tough call.

Heidi - Unfortunately, HMV hasn't heard of him. Going to have to track a CD down elsewhere.

Therese Cox said...

Somehow, the 17.59 hubbub lost its luster on its transatlantic journey. After converting to military time, adjusting for the 5-hour time difference, and trying to find another soul who knew who this Arthur guy was, I got fed up with Guinness altogether and spent a quiet night in with John Recession and a Leffe Blonde.

Radge said...

Therese - I eschewed drink entirely, put the bins out, made tea, had a leisurely phone conversation about nonsense, cursed the rain and went to bed.