Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's horrible really. You dream of a man who was dying, not long from a coma, and he's regarding the world in a sickly funk of a way. Yellow carpet tones but nothing too specific.

Then it changes to something repetitive - it could be the worst kind of looping Beyoncé balladeering - and the sickness builds up and up and up until you're finally awake and realising that you could be about to puke without the aid of refreshment since 1993.

Too tired to get out of bed yet so sick that any moment could see an explosion, you consider spoiling the sheets before some clarity comes, you feel your way to the bathroom for a dry heave and a bleary broken look about the place.

The nausea passes with a glass of water and a sip of cough medicine and then it's 4.48am, you're on your fourth paragraph of barely getting the spelling right and you, you above all people, wonder what it might be like to go jogging around the Grand Canal Basin, metaphor made flesh.


Kath Lockett said...

Oh damn you Radge - why did I go and read this just as I'm waiting for my bloody pizzas to arrive?

...are you okay though?

Radge said...

Even the mention of pizza makes the nausea return. I'm okay though, just overdid the shandies at the weekend.

Holemaster said...

Reminds me of the man who led such a dull and boring life, that he ate a lot of cheese before bedtime in the hope that he would have amazing dreams.

He dreamt of late night 1980s Open University BB2 maths programs with sign language.