Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex gong

RTE One: Saturday Night With Miriam.
RTE Two: Rugby Union.
TV3: The Medallion, a comedy thriller starring Jackie Chan.
TG4: An Aimsir Laithreach.
3e: Saturday Stunt Show.
BBC One: Casualty.
BBC Two: BBC Proms 2010.
UTV: An Audience With Take That.
Channel 4: Big Brother.
E4: The 100 Greatest Scary Moments.

This surely counts as one of the latter, realising my DVD player is on the fritz and, because I took a bellyful of The Palace Bar and Grogan's last night, going out is not an option.

I long for 'Knight Rider' or its cousin 'Street Hawk,' a bit of 'Spitting Image' or even Erika Eleniak-era 'Baywatch' to salve the senses on this stickiest of Saturday nights. No dice. There's fuck all on and I have no energy for the outside.

Even the internet is moribund, nobody blogs on a Saturday. At this point I realise I'm only writing this to consign the last entry into history, by degrees.

(Approaches DVD player, uses excessive force.)

Zing! It's working. Hale And Pace box-set, here I come.


Kitty Cat said...

I settled for Family Guy this evening, accompanied by the sound of Dubs celebrating with bad karaoke in Joxer Daly's. Unusually, I actually blogged today, of a Saturday.

Tuesday Kid said...

I'm pretty sure the Medallion has someone you can wank off to in it. Either Jennifer Love Hewitt or Clare Forlanni. It gets my vote.

Radge said...

Kitty Cat - I should have asterisked you in there, because I read it and I loved it. Fine Amsterdammian tales.

Tuesday Kid - I couldn't sit through the crapness.

Dot-Com said...

Wonder if it's actually against the rules to blog on a Saturday. Not that I care, as it's moved on to Sunday hours ago now. What did you watch in the end?

Radge said...

High Fidelity and Up In The Air. Nothing too taxing.

Kath Lockett said...

*I* blogged on Saturday - albeit at 4am due to not being able to sleep and Love Chunks snoring louder than an outboard motor.....

'High Fidelity' - ah, one of my favourites!

Holemaster said...

I was in a horrible other life on Saturday. Socialising with likable people who I don't like.

*should that be 'whom'?*

Radge said...


It's better to be surrounded by a group of like-minded bastards.

Boltzmann's Brain said...

Hale and fucking off yer heid????