Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Close your eyes, count to ten

Does anybody remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns is carted off to the Mayo Clinic for tests? He's found to have every disease under the sun, living in perfect harmony, cancelling each other out to leave him still living, still breathing, still thriving.

Well that's this country under Fianna Fáil. So many ills that one overrides the next and leaves us with a behemoth of awfulness that's too great to tackle.

I'm getting pissed off reading things like, "yet we sit on our arses writing blogs about how shit things are, and nobody goes out and protests."

How the fuck can we NOT be paralysed by NAMA? By the Murphy and Ryan reports? By the outrageous shambles that is the Health Service Executive? By leadership heaves that go nowhere and change nothing? By tax after property tax after tax after good money after bad?

How the fuck can we not be paralysed by this raping of our country, and how can the way forward not be to just close our eyes and wait for it to end?

Don't expect protests, riots and insurrection. You need specificity for that kind of thing. We're too much in the mire to try and show truth to power.


Twenty Major said...

This is a good explanation.

Holemaster said...

Things must be really bad.

Radge said...

I still don't know if this is a reasoned explanation, a cop out or Tuesday's frame of mind, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

All protests are started by one person.

Anonymous said...

wow I didn't realise how hard core you are. I feel a little scared after reading bits of your blog. hmm I'll read again when my protective shield has built itself back up. Fuck off with your negative vibes! Fuck right off! Yeah thats what I said, so what?

Radge said...

Anonymous 1 - You make a good point.

Anonymous 2 - A bag of mini Mars Bars coming your way. I'm not all hardcore.

hope said...

It's hard to be upbeat when politicians keep feeding you a steady diet of shite.

Perhaps we can send all our undesirables to another country...my Governor seems to like Argentina...and they can have him.

Hmmm, which planet is the most inhospitable?

I'll shut up now. My word is "testylab"....as if this is an experiment and I've become testy.

EmilyAM said...

Today was a really Evil Tuesday.

Radge said...

Hope - So it's universal, this dripfeed? On the word verification thing, you may have to forgive me if I don't ever apportion it any significance? It's been an Evil Tuesday.

Emily - It's been an Evil Tuesday.