Monday, July 19, 2010

Another 50 bad things

I'm at the start of a week off and it's shaping up nicely, plenty of extra curricular drunkenness on the cards, but I'll shoo off the positivity for the length of this, this little corner of vitriol.

1) Jamie Redknapp.

2) Penguin wafers.

3) Joe O'Shea.

4) The unkindly Dutch woman next door.

5) Dishes in the sink, notes on the floor, mountain of laundry, smell in the jacks.

6) Brenda.

7) The fact that Sky Sports News is still dissecting England's World Cup exit.

8) Humidity.

9) The kids next door.

10) Hocking snot.

11) Bigface from the office.

12) Tara Street junkies.

13) Lying Airtricity bastards.

14) Two And A Half Men.

15) Sex And The City 2.

16) John Terry.

17) The World Cup Final.

18) Male pattern baldness.

19) Everybody Loves Raymond.

20) Wretched drug pig Lindsay Lohan.

21) Wretched former drug pig Amy Winehouse.

22) Cucumber.

23) Eamon Ryan.

24) Padraig Harrington's voice.

25) AIB ads, especially the 'salon in Rathmines' one.

26) The relentless positivity of many Twitter posts.

27) 'Fail.'

28) The Facebook privacy conundra.

29) Not getting one's round in.

30) Parsimony.

31) The repetition of a McDonalds burger, twelve hours later.

32) The thing that Gazza became.

33) Nagging.

34) The loud laughing wankbag from the office.

35) The Sunday Independent.

36) Chris de Burgh.

37) LOLz. ROFL. LMAO. OMG. etc.

38) Those who forget that we've actually had a pretty decent summer.

39) 'Innit.'

40) Katie Price and her geebag husband.

41) Selective bin collection.

42) Anywhere you have to take a ticket, sit down and listen to people coughing for two hours.

43) Alan Shearer.

44) Eggs.

45) James Corden, post 'Gavin and Stacey.'

46) Harcourt Street nightlife.

47) Moaning/whingeing. Gah!

48) Live to work.

49) Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

50) Clothes shopping.


notRuairi said...

Just a note on 32) - can you imagine if Gazza had actually lead Raoul Moat out of hiding, still alive and delivered him into police custody? There would have been universal redemption for a guy who's fallen so far off the wagon, he's forgotten what it looks like.

Radge said...

I'm pretty sure that Gazza would have got himself shot, had he been allowed through.

notRuairi said...

"He might not shoot me" were his exact words, aye. His whole situation has become very sad. I hope he finds some sort of peace soon, though not the being dead kind, or murdered-by-some-psycho-Geordie kind.

Anonymous said...

Regarding 50 (barrel scraping?) - get others to shop for you. Imagine the fun!

Radge said...

NotRuairi - Seconded.

Anonymous - I'm not sure I could hand over the responsibility to a personal shopper. They'd probably come back with long johns and pink ankle socks, and I'm fucked if I'm going down that road again.

Holemaster said...

Oh yeah those AIB ads.

Don't come to us unless you don't need us. No working class please, only ultra conservative mono-cultured middle class Irish safe types please.

Radge said...

I've found myself pressing mute a lot more lately, Holemaster. Works wonders.

Elmo said...

Is the salon in Rathmines woman the same person as 'Terenure'?

What made them think of using her again?

Radge said...

I think it is her again, and NAMA made them do it. Costcutting.