Thursday, June 24, 2010


A colleague of mine, let's call him Nick because that's his name, said this to me today.

"I read your blog for the first time recently.

"You come across as a very bitter and lonely man but it's really quite well written."

Have to say I was pleased with that.


McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

That quote must appear on the front page of your book of blogs.

Sums up Radgery perfectly.

Holemaster said...

If anyone knew who I was I'd have a lot of deleting to do.

Kath Lockett said...

High praise indeed. I tend to get, "You're an odd one, aren't you?" and I don't think that it would make quite such an inviting header....

Holemaster said...

It's usually very bland people who call others odd.

Radge said...

McMuck - Hopefully the blog but not the man. OK, maybe the man but just a little bit.

Holemaster - Any hope I had of anonymity went when the folks started telling their friends.

Kath - Better bitter and lonely than harmless or, indeed, bland.

Andrew said...

Don't you love that little qualifying 'quite'? Tends to come from people who are pained by paying compliments.
I've never really thought of you as more bitter than anyone else, just far better at expressing frustration than most.
It sometimes crosses my mind that if most of my real life friends kept blogs they would come across to me as right tits altogether.

Radge said...

Cheers for the 'frustration' line, read that in my sister's last night and patted myself on the back with several cans of Guinness. I probably would have had them anyway.

Some of my friends kept blogs, but they faded away after varying lengths of time. Happy to Regina's going strong, but the others need to lift their fingers out.

Fuck I'm hungover.