Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Taking the helicopter view

Mirabilis again. I simply asked her if she'd be free for a bit of lunch or a pint next week? This was her response.

= = =

Thanks for coming back to me asap on the below. I look forward to our face to face meeting when I can finally put a face to the name.

Re calendar dates for next week - I'll revert later and can diary you in then. Apologies for the delay with this.

If I have any other queries regarding your input, we can do a conference call later in the week. Could you please organise a meeting room and check with IT to make sure the facilities are working?

It will have to be an 8.30am dial in though as my calendar is very full for the foreseeable future and I have very few windows.

I'll be out of the country on a red-eye on Friday, but if there is anything urgent - you can contact me on the blackberry as I'll be picking up mails.

If you do have any trouble getting in contact, just notify your team leader. He is organising an off site training session for next week and will circulate the details to you all in advance.

If you could read the document in full before you attend, that will allow the session to progress at a much quicker pace and we will have time for feedback towards the end.

As you know I am a firm believer in 360 degree management, so please come to the session with a willingness to participate fully.

I hope the whole day will be conducive to team building and we will learn new methods to implement immediately in the office environment. This implementation will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Your training and job progression is extremely important to me so please fill in the training document you received at your orientation and return to me at the earliest opportunity so we can begin a tailored training plan which will plot your career for the next 25 years.

= = =

Loves her work.


Conan Drumm said...

"We can do you a short phoner at zero-nine-hundred."

I HATE "phoners", always offered like they're doing you a favour.

Radge said...

A 'phoner?'

That's a new one to me. I hope to never come across it again.

notRuairi said...

I agree, that word seems horrib;e. It must be nice and reassuring to know exactly how your career is going to progress over the next quarter-century.

Kitty Cat said...

Mo Dhia. My brain hurts now. I'm so glad my job is mostly just making things look nice.

Holemaster said...

Don't forget your TPS report cover sheets Radge. Did you get the memo?

Radge said...

Yes. Just leave my stapler alone.

Emily said...

I think you should take this offline to move it forward.

Given the current economic climate, I propose you should form a cross-functional team to conduct a SWOT analysis and revert soonest.


sniffle said...

I was sent on a project management thing once – shot the puppy –eat the frog and later on, the elephant too, but in smaller pieces – pushed the needle - stretched my goals - lined up my ducks of course and then recalibrated their thinking – it was all blue skies stuff Radge.

Makes me vomit .

Radge said...

Emily - Surely we should operate a reconcile involving the upper echelons before moving things towards the yellow flag? Just a thought.

Sniffle - A particularly crappy fish and chips had me nauseous before reading this. Now my bile has progressed up the flagpole.

Holemaster said...

The guy who presents the business show on RTE Radio has an anti-bullshit bingo campaign. He hates lingo.

EmilyAM said...

The RTE guy, John Murray, had a book out a couple of years back. If you scroll to the end of this link you can listen to the earbleedingly awful Jargon Song: http://www.rte.ie/radio1/thebusiness/jargon.html

Radge said...

Emily - Couldn't open it, computer's acting the maggot. Perhaps I'm better off.

EmilyAM said...

That you are Radge, given the name of the band is Goan 4-Wards.