Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where's Billy in all this?

"The Republic of Ireland could have been preparing for the World Cup if it hadn't been for THAT goal by Thierry Henry..."

Three pints tonight.

Just the three but I figure I've heard this intro wrongly on Sky Sports News, checking for the score from some game of heads and volleys in Ballsbridge.

I pause it and rewind it and, yep, there it is.

"...THAT goal by Thierry Henry..." spake from the shouty gob of Scotch tit Jim White.

It's the newscaster's cocksuredness that irks me.

Not only is he referring to 'that' goal, but he's referencing 'THAT' goal, the one that denied Ireland the chance to lose on penalties in Paris last November.

Well, I'll see him caps lock for CAPS LOCK, raise him his 'THAT' for my 'IT WAS WILLIAM GALLAS WHO SCORED YOU HORRIBLE GOBSHITE!' and take my ire out on the nearest punching cushion.

This is the caps lock of MY pedantry, the tipping point of months of hearing about Henry's goal.

Composes self.

It was Gallas.

= = =

I turn over to The View and see a lad called Manchán Magan calling something shit.

Really? Manchán?

Fuck off, world.


Conan Drumm said...

Yes, you're absolutely right. It was a hand-pass. Henry was playing Gaelic, and it's because of him they've tightened up the hand-pass rules.

Radge said...

Cheers for the comment, but all I can think now is that I shouldn't ever blog under the influence.

Holemaster said...

Good angry post.

Manchán Magan. I have to say I do like him. I envy his life the traveled bastard. But I do fear that if he has paistí, they'll be fop-haired, shabby chic, wooden toyed, bike-trailered Ranelites.

Or Stoneybatterwegians.

Holemaster said...

Or trailer-biked.

Radge said...

I have no idea what he does or who he is.

I just thought they'd trawled the streets for the person with the wankiest name and thrown a mic on him.