Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A summer loving torture party

I'm an unmodified fanboy when it comes to The National and I'm done with apologising, I won't casually shrug them off and I will profess to relentlessly stalking them on YouBox ever since the Cherry Tree EP.

I'll namedrop their obscure earlier releases and call the neophytes all sorts of names, the way I used to do with Pearl Jam or Elliott Smith or, well, Gene.

They may be decried for speaking to awkward adolescents masquerading as unsettled thirty-something men but, fuck it, that's probably me.

That's mostly me seeking the furthest corner of the canteen in work so I don't have to make the silly talk with men I've never cared for, men and women who blow on all day about screengrabs and OBs and malfunctioning servers, women and men who haven't learned my name through ten long years of awkward nods over coffee.

"Are you using that milk?"

If there's any other music to nail that particular hum and drum I'd like to hear it because I've been talking up these boys for way too long now, and it's not like they're going to get to play Whelans again.


Dot-Com said...

"I'm an unmodified fanboy when it come to The National..." Did you leave out the "s" because I used to call them The Nationals?

Radge said...

I was too much of a gentleman to correct you.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

I found two Radge-recommended National albums during a recent clear-out of the glove compartment in my Bentley convertible.

I'll dust them down and give them a spin once I'm over my Pavement buzz, which was brought on by seeing them in Dublin and Brixton Academy in the last week.

Holemaster said...

Silly talk and Irish banter.

Jokey jibes and digs and being poked to respond in jest when all I feel is immense boredom and total disconnect.

Radge said...

Mook - You always had a Pavement head about you. Cherish those National albums, 'specially City Middle from Alligator.

Holemaster - The temptations to piss in the watercooler have been many and frequent.

Holemaster said...

Only you'd forget and take a sup of it the next day.

Anonymous said...

Radge Boy

Just came across your blog and what better intro than a homage to the National. Brilliant ... saw them on their last two visits to Dublin (second time brought the young fella and he loved it - I'm even older than you but I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks).

Caught them the other night in Paree (supporting Pavement) and they're back en France later in the summer - bit better ambience, although as you said, the days of Whelans and their like are now gone

Soho Riots from Alligator does it everytime

Radge said...

Anonymous - cheers for popping in. City Middle's a personal favourite. Have seen them three times, I think, the first time in Whelans was the best. A few years ago now.