Friday, May 28, 2010

Post 600 - Another 50 Good Things

The 2010 version. Reasons to be cheerful and all of that nonsense. There may be some duplication from the earlier list, but I've done my best to be new. Here we go...

1) Thomas Newman soundtracks.
2) Messi.
3) The actress Eva Birthistle.
4) The Goat Street Cafe.
5) Stringer Bell.
6) Jameson Irish Whiskey.
7) South William Street.
8) Men Behaving Badly on ‘Dave’.
9) The Frontline.
10) A well worn hat.
11) Ampersand Seven dot Blogspot dot Com.
12) The Long Hall.
13) The tree in the back garden that I only noticed yesterday.
14) Chili.
15) Text exchanges (with Neuroskeptic) equating footballers with Wire characters.
16) Lurkers.
17) Dusk.
18) Guinness.
19) The Stag’s Head.
20) Leffe Blond.
21) Leffe Ruby.
22) Leffe anything.
23) Hilariously monikered Honduran footballer Georgie Welcome.
24) The last five minutes of a lecture.
25) Toss’d Noodles, CHQ, Dublin.
26) A vibrant fart.
27) Vera Farmiga.
28) Milk.
29) Millie Clode, Sky Sports News enchantress.
30) Walking in Grangegorman.
31) The Grand Canal.
32) Tatsuta Age and Suzuki sashimi.
33) Twenty Major dot Net.
34) Tracksuit bottoms.
35) Ian Holloway interviews.
36) 'Let The Great World Spin.'
37) Fictional temptress Connie McEldowney.
38) Fourtet.
39) Chancing My Arm.
40) Nearys.
41) More red wine horizontal.
42) The snooker.
43) Milleens cheese. Smelly sensational.
44) Chunky chocolate flapjacks from Marks and Spencer.
45) Pedantry.
46) Judi Dench. Not like that.
47) Red Lemonade.
48) 'Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.'
49) The Twix.
50) Fish Tank.


Liv said...

Right there with you on South William Street, Nearys, and the Grand Canal. Disappointed that the new UPC ads featuring that ridebag Craig Doyle didn't make your list.

Radge said...

They were a close 1,052nd.

Andrew said...

I made the list (presuming you're not just referring to the general phenomenon of chancing one's arm)! In your face everyone except Twenty, Therese, Kitty cat and T-Cup!

Word verification: radie
So close.

Radge said...

The listmaker's remorse starts now, ten minutes after its publication.

I can't believe I forgot Jeff Stelling.

Holemaster said...

You only just noticed your back garden?

51) Hi-Fidelity.

Radge said...

No, the tree I only noticed yesterday. It's small.

51) I assume you don't mean the Nick Hornby book?

Jennikybooky said...
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Jennikybooky said...

I holefartedly agree with number 26.

Radge said...



Kitty Cat said...

Oh! That's me! YAY! T Cup has left the blog though so I'm taking ALL the delicious glory. Tasty it is, too.

Conan Drumm said...

A perfectly good list - though I'm entirely ignorant on the footie front. However re #45, shouldn't that be a bit closer to the top, ie #41?

Radge said...

No.41 was a direct reference to the previous list. This is me, drunkenmost.

Therese Cox said...

Completely pleased to find m'self comfortably nestled between a well-worn hat and The Long Hall. I see no further need to do a damn thing all weekend.

Radge said...

Therese, you clearly need to take it easy for all us sinners.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

51. The further sinking of Liverpool FC

Radge said...

Why would you goad me?

Sarah Gostrangely said...

With you completely on 50 and 23.
But what about Fair City?

Kath Lockett said...

You had me at 26....

notRuairi said...

2 + 27 + 39 + 47 = particular highlights from that list.

If you're into footy as much as me, here's one for your next list.

P.S. Totally stealing this idea!

Radge said...

Good site that, cheers.