Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The headless horsemen

A midweek weekend.

Hills and mist and Leffe and "Spaten Munchen Boy!" and my first time eating halibut.

Twelve-year-old single malt Bushmills.

A rocking chair.

Steak cooked as per maternal instructions.

Rain and more hills.

Mussels in breadcrumbs.

Twitching from internet absence. Football news on the mobile phone.

Two pints of stout as it should taste.

Clonakilty black pudding.

Rashers and a wall decorated in menus.

A yacht in the distance, probably not Abramovich.

A screaming baby left alone in the back of a car - this did not stand.

Two hours spent reading 'Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.' William Friedkin is a bollox.

The Crazy Horse Saloon.


notRuairi said...

I remember the Crazy Horse partially. But it was the fun part. Barca signed Villa too and Fabregas is on the way.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...


Radge said...

NotRuairi - Torres to join Scarborough according to my dream last night.

Mook - Yar.

Holemaster said...

It's a great little country despite itself.

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

Radge, you almost succeeded in making me homesick-especially the mention of rashers and clonakilty pudding.

It's been a year and a half since my last fry and the cravings haven't dissipated

Radge said...

Holemaster - Certain parts anyway.

Green Of Eye - I was going to try something clever with the words 'Canadian' and 'bacon' but, ehm, well, yeah. I have nothing.

Anonymous said...

I hate you for bringing out the jealous streak in me - again.

Red Leeroy said...

I came back here to feel good. Damn you sir, damn you.

Radge said...

Sorry about that Anonymous.

And Red, I'm not porn. Not until the adult off-shoot anyway. Welcome back sir.

Holemaster said...

Certain parts indeed. Certain parts of anywhere really.

Conan Drumm said...

Perfect, but for the child in the car. Makes me grrrr

What does one do - call the guards? Wait by the car and ask the parent for babysitting money? (You know how that would work out.)

Radge said...

Very grrr.

My da went and found the child's mother and she came straight out, but it was still wrong.