Monday, May 31, 2010

The Fitzbollix session

Against all propriety, against every impulse to stay home and recover from the previous two nights of nonsense, against everything my liver holds dear I went on a series of little sessions yesterday with a man they call Fitzbollix.

Fuck, it was glorious.

The Bank for two pints and for fish and for chips.

The Stag's Head and the seat beside the window, the best in the house, listening to an earnest man trying to get the ride from his Brazilian friend at the next table. His attempts were hamfisted, saying the least.

Then the darkest corner of The Long Hall when we knew this Smithwicks experiment would not end soberly for us.

The Long Stone beer garden.

John Mulligan on Poolbeg Street and then, finally, to a pub on the quays that I'll never know the name of. It's on the north side, just up from Horrible Monstrosity Liberty Hall.

It's early the next day now and I'm out of paracetamol, but I'm comforted by the fact that I said the funniest and most disturbed thing I'll ever utter in my lifetime. It was something to do with things crashing into things.


notRuairi said...

Probably The Pint. I honestly don't know if I genuinely like it or despise the hole.

The crashing thing didn't have anything to do with Gary Coleman, perchance?

Radge said...

No, it was something else entirely. I won't elaborate.

'Probably The Pint'?

notRuairi said...

Ah go on, do. The internet isn't judgemental... probably.

The Pint is a(n increasingly) popular bar very close to Liberty Hall. 3 floors, long bars, zebra- and giraffe-skin couches? They let you in no matter what state you're in, leading to a varied selection of 'interesting' clientele.

Radge said...

Ah. That sounds somewhat familiar, could very well be the place.

Holemaster said...

Sounds like the The Judgement Bar in Sydney, the closest I've come to the bar in Star Wars.

Kitty Cat said...

I do love The Stags Head, Mulligans and The Long Hall. Sounds like a fantastic Sunday. Just might do something of that nature over the long weekend I reckon.

Radge said...

Great name for a bar, Holemaster.

Kitty Cat - The torch has been passed. I'm never drinking again.

Kath Lockett said...

What I wouldn't give (except for a functioning liver) to be sitting in the booth behind you with a pencil and notepad :)

Radge said...

You'd need a raincoat too, Kath. I'm a spiller.