Monday, April 05, 2010

The ReSundaying

When all is lost, go back to the aborted entries (or use that as an excuse to prattle on without having to finish your thoughts)...

= = =

It's just another Sunday, really, isn't it?

'Sunday 2: The ReSundaying.' Tagline: Jesus Day meets Groundhog Day.

Stars: Exactly the same fuckers you saw yesterday, without the football.

The critics say: "Fuck off, I'm still eating chocolate." - "Blogs? You expect blogs? Cop the fuck on, it's still the weekend." - "What's on Comedy Central? Oh, same shit as yesterday, and every other day."

Rating: N/A. This is not a cinematic blog, in any sense.

= = =

If I could splice two words from the English language, they would be 'awesome' and 'epic'.

Does nobody else realise that no self respecting Irishman, woman or child used 'awesome' before Twitter came and ate the world, circa 2008?

'Epic', meanwhile, should only be used in sentences that also include 'David' and 'Lean'. Or, if you're being ironic, 'Kevin' and 'Smith'.

= = =

Will someone please clear up this full stop inside/outside the single inverted comma controversy for me, for once and for all? I'll still fuck it up but it would be nice to know.

= = =

I need to find a niche if I'm to turn my blogwords into a book.

= = =

Yesterday I did not meet the most beautiful woman of my life. I did not take an evocative walk. I did not start and finish an entire book in one sitting. I did not drink. I did not go to work. I did not stay in bed all day. I didn't even go to the shop.

I did, however, watch a film where the narrator says, "most days of your life start and end with nothing meaningful happening in between."

My Sunday wasn't even that interesting. I'm still not sure it happened.

= = =

'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol is the best song of the 21st Century, eleven and a bit years in.

At least that's what the talking heads would have me believe. I think it's a bit wet, 'On/Off' is far better, but I've never been on Channel 4 so I don't matter.


Dot-Com said...

"Full stop inside/outside the single inverted comma controversy"...

Best to leave something in this world that we all know you just don't know!

Radge said...

Fuck that, I need answers.

This Limbo said...

Agreed on Chasing Cars...a whinge of a song, designed for women who are still not comfortable with how Sex & The City ended

The full stop inside/outside controversy also confounds me. I missed that day at school.

I must however disagree on the use of the word 'epic'. It must be in the vocabulary of film categorisation. 'Zulu', for instance. 'Larry of Arabia'. Epics. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.
Some may protest and refer to 'The Lord of the Rings: The Long Walk'. That wasn't an epic. It was a cinematic boil that should have been lanced.

Radge said...

Unfortunately, Regina, Sex And The City never really ended, did it? Another film to come, then another, then another, then repeat to the point of death.

Lord Of The Hoops - eighteen hours of bad Bristolian accents, for me.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

As a profesonal riter with many criticaly aklaimed published works, I wood put the full stop outside the single inverted comma.


The man with the pan on his head told me to 'brush up on Flemish before the Belgians rise up'.

Radge said...

You're wrong for approximately 18 reasons, McMuck. And you a journamalist.

Holemaster said...


Kath Lockett said...

For someone so bored, you still write a mean blog entry, Radge dearest.

essbee said...

Outside the inverted commas: for quotes and the like. I agree with McMuck here.

Inside the inverted commas: for;

She said, "Oh, it was a terrible dilemma, his commas and inverted commas were all up in a heap."

Radge said...

Essbee - That sounds right. Are you a teacher?

Kath - Too kind.

Holemaster - My love for the word dude knows no bounds.

essbee said...

Afraid I'm not a teacher Radge, just quietly obsessive about punctuation and the like.

Radge said...

Essbee - Turns out I'm too drunk to recomment.

Radge said...

Essbee - Turns out I'm too drunk to recomment.