Thursday, April 01, 2010

I do digress

"I've become less harsh in my stance against semi-soft cheeses. There are one or two respectable curds. The jury is out though."

He writes good text message, does old 5X. They're generally cheese, whiskey, women or Paris related, with varying thoughts on Shakira and the train system in France, in his capital city, to boot.

I raised a glass to him, as I often do, last evening as I waited on the birthday of another friendship, another one built on words and the organic nature of digression.

Tangents, lager beer and stout in Nearys, it should always be thus even though every good night ends with some form of taxi driver conflict.

A ghastly man in some series of a BMW, but his threats don't deserve a writing.


Holemaster said...

Not a 4FM taxi man then. More of a FM104 one by the sound of it.

(P.S. Rather than type out my blog url, I often pop in here and click on my link instead)

Radge said...

Good good, I need all the hits I can get - won't win that set of steak knives otherwise.

Tuesday Kid said...

If Shakira were male she'd be considered a dwarf. Tell him that.

Radge said...

He won't hear of any anti-Shakira invective.