Saturday, March 20, 2010

Five oh

"Tonight - Max Clifford, Carol Vorderman, Dave McSavage and a whole lot more. The Saturday Night Show, after the break."

Abort! Abort!!!

I've already spent one weekend night in the company of RTE's detritus, waiting to throw plates at Monsignor Dooley on the Late Late Show in an interview that never arrived.

I'm not about to do it again lest I actually carry it out this time, lest I let Brendan O'Connor's inexcusable face bring me to the dark side, to murder, to Mountjoy, to regret at the fact that Brunker didn't get it too.

No, I'll allow The Wire to handle this particular Saturday evening.

Fo, and, indeed, sho.


McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

You may plan on watching some more of this Wire thingy tonight, but may I suggest you tune into Sky Sports re-runs of today's Premier League action.

And then nip down to the Credit Union for a loan.

Because you owe me a pint.

Radge said...

It was outside the box.

Andrew said...

I caught a couple of minutes of that travesty last night, for the first time. The desire to tenderize that pug-faced bollix's stupid fat head and serve it to a horde of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs burns as brightly as ever.
I've just finished the third season of The Sopranos. Did you know that Omar from The Wire has a small part in the last episode of that season? I sat there last night pointing at the screen shrieking "It's the greatest TV crossover ever!" before remembering that Omar is, tragically, not a real person.

And sorry for your lot's latest woes. In more ways than one.

Radge said...

I saw that, having rewatched The Sopranos in January, though I'm fucked if I can remember what Omar's role was.

It did cause me to go, like yourself, "lookee, LOOKEE, Omar!" before it dawned on me that I was talking to my bottle of scotch and not a real person.

And thanks. It was expected despite our destruction of mighty Portsmouth.

Holemaster said...

Had I known Brendan O'Connor and Max Clifford were in the same building.

The Wire is like a close friend.

Elmo said...

Omar is also in the upcoming HBO series, Boardwalk Empire. Scorcese directed the first episode.

Radge said...

Holemaster - Yes, it's the perfect girlfriend substitute.

Elmo - It'll take forever to get here is the only problem.