Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kumeer Iwancha



All own teeth.

Recently perfected technique of throwing peanuts in air, catching in mouth.

Likes the crooners.

Writer of 'Apocalypse Whenever.' Tagline: War has never been so disaffected.

Never runs for women or buses.

Allergic to tardiness.

Rarely lets mother buy clothes* nowadays. *His. What she does on her own time...

Traps spiders using standard cardboard/glass manoeuvre.

Is unsure of spelling of manoeuvre (since amended from original post, cheers Sarah).

Delusions of adequacy.

Wearer of spectacles just the wrong side of fashionable.

Dislikes rodents.

Intolerant of messy kitchens, bad handwriting and yoga.

Invented kiss chasing.

Abhors airports, does not mind flying.

Other allergies include bananas, avocadoes, Kerry Katona, the oval ball.

Likes the phrase 'tired, weary and worn.'

Prefers the phrase 'wired, teary and torn.'

Ale experimentalist.

Wants secret life.

Chooses never to LOL.

Speaks fluent cantank.

Pours water out of glass four times before filling and drinking, only accession to OCD.

Sleeps soundly.

Sits upstairs on bus, left hand side, preferably alone, uses window for wist, never works.

Craves positive feedback.

Cooks few dishes with verve.

Dislikes people who tell stories in pubs.

Likes quips.

Dances despite self.

Wit enthusiast.


McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

You sound positively dreamy.

Kath Lockett said...

"Craves positive feedback" - I'm with McMuck!

Radge said...

Well if the peanut thing doesn't work for me, nothing will.

Maxi said...

I tell stories in pubs.

So there.

Holemaster said...

With you on the water and spider habits. Nearly there on the bus thing but I'm upstairs right for the leg room behind the stairs.

hope said...

Oh please do elaborate on the kissing thing.

Yes, I am happily married. But I'm not dead, I'm still curious.

mapstew said...

There are fashionable spectacles?
I should have gone to.......! :¬)

Nishant said...
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The Hangar Queen said...

If it wasn't for the oval ball hatin'....

Radge said...

Afraid I am unmoved on certain points, HQ..

Conan Drumm said...

Once more, etc. Good luck!

Radge said...

Obliged, Conan.

Sarah Gostrangely said...


Was spelling nerd in school. Am incredibly proud of this and will probably make it into a pub story soon.

Also, if you invented kisschasing, isn't that contradicting "never running for women"? Sorry, Penelope the Pedant is coming out.

Cool re OCD tendencies. Makes me feel better about the handwashing, lightbulbs and doorlocks.

Radge said...

Fuck. Fuck fuck. I was also a spelling nerd, I'll be beating myself up for that one. Fuck.

Moving on, Sarah... No I can't move on.

I'll have to change it.