Tuesday, February 09, 2010


If you haven't seen the latest Lotto ad, I'll set the scene.

Matronly nurse is reading to a newborn baby in a maternity hospital. However, this new arrival is actually a fat and middle aged man done up in nappies and white cottons, with a massive shit-eating grin on his face.

The nurse reads to the 'baby' from an outsized story book, and the ad is scripted as follows...


"My, what a big wallet you have..." she said.

"All the better to treat you with," replied the millionaire.

The manbaby gurgles and titters playfully.


What creativity, what a feat of advertising. Avarice and disgusting subservience in one handy little 30-second TV spot, a nice little throwback to the sixties and 'marrying for money,' the woman reduced to a slavering leech.

Are we still thus?

Are there not 1,253 better ways to advertise the Lotto than feeding us these two pantomime cretins?

Are there not newborn babies in the country spitting out their dummies and asking, "Christ, I don't look like THAT, do I? I'm surely not that big a cunt?"

I feel a bit sorry for the two actors because sooner or later they're going to have to face their friends in the pub, come out of hiding and explain where exactly it all went wrong.

Then again, it's only an ad.


hope said...

Must be something in the air.

We've got an Ad going on here currently featuring another middle aged man "dressed" up as a baby...wearing baby clothes with a HUGE baby bottle. The voice over says, "Yes, he really was born yesterday. But he knows a bargain when he sees it. Eat at Burger King."

A sign of the end of the world must be a lack of creativity.

Radge said...


Kath Lockett said...

Stephen Fry has a wonderful term for situations such as these:

Countryside - the murder of someone who deserved it

Radge said...

Man's a genius, Kath.

Holemaster said...

I refer you to Bill Hicks.


Radge said...

I endorse that YouTube clip. Wholly.

Therese Cox said...

The chilling thing about all this is that the pitch for this ad probably went pretty much like you've outlined it here. Except at the end of the synopsis, instead of shouting "For the love of God, NO" it was "Yes."

I feel cold inside.