Monday, February 22, 2010

As my mentor, F. Murray Abraham, once said...

'Dexter' is a disappointment, no?

I bought the first series recently, hoping for something to fill the vacuum left by The Sopranos' legendary fade-out and to shield me from having to interact with those pesky friends and family.

What a swizz.

Exposition, exposition, three episodes in and another monologue from Michael C. Hall about how he's wearing a metaphorical mask, exposition, some annoying fucker wearing a trilby or a fedora (I can't tell the difference), signposted dialogue, HAM acting, this annoying bint of a sister and exposition.


It's bollocks.

Apparently if you're into CSI you'll love this but I don't so I don't. I'm not waiting for it to get good anymore, I think I'll just throw on Strumpet City instead.

= = =

The academy have failed to recognise this here weblog as worthy of joining 87,154 others in the long-list nominations for the Irish Blog Awards. At time of writing, internet owner Damien Mulley has failed to respond to my demand for a recount. Protesters are gathering at the Garden of Inebriation. He'll be fucking sorry.

= = =

I wish The Simpsons would stop being shit for just five minutes because 'Amhrán Is Ansa Liom' is beginning to look very attractive over on TG4, even if I don't know what the gravy it's about.

= = =

My recent spate of walking has been replaced by my current glut of leaning against things.

= = =

New York in early summer is already looking like a non-starter due to reasons financial. It's alright, though, because the new Discover Ireland ads are telling me that a weekend in Connemara will see my quest for love come good.

= = =

I've foreseen my death and it will be by Dublin Bus rearviewmirror. I'll play brinkmanship with that curb on the Cabra Road once too often, the golden jelly of my honeyed thoughts spilling right at the heel of the advertisement window.


Sus said...

Try watching Mad men. Most of the episodes are on RTE player I gave up all contact with friends and got through 3 seasons in 3 weeks, loved it. The only downside being that I wanted to start chain smoking and drinking straight whiskey first thing in the morning, they make it look so sexy.

Radge said...

I'm a confirmed fan, Sus. Avoiding the third series until the box-set comes out - connection isn't great so can't watch it online.

January Jones. Yep. Confirmed fan.

Holemaster said...

Mad Men has sadly been noticed by the masses. Expect to see cheap references at every turn.

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

- Capture said death on the bus's CCTV camera

- Post footage on Radgery as tribute to a fallen friend

- Alert Internet owner Damien Mulley and suggest posthumous recognition for Radge

Radge said...

Holemaster - I remember fondly the BBC4 days. Very fondly. Suppose there are worse things for the masses to get excited about.

McMuck - There are some holes in your plan.

Kitty Cat said...

Ok, I know how nerdy this may sound, and people keep judging me when I bring it up, but Battlestar Galactica is AMAZING. Get the mini series that kicks it off and then series 1-4. Honestly, I'm halfway through watching it for the first time and it's fucking brilliant.

Radge said...

Kitty Cat - Sounds a little bit science fictiony for me, I'm afraid.

Andrew said...

Dexter's OK, though I think I've only ever watched it slightly hungover with tea and chocolate in front of a fire at the nearly in-laws' place.
Four episodes into Mad Men and I ain't really feeling it so far. And January Jones is a lovely lass but surely Christina Hendricks is where it's at?

Also, the blog awards...who gives a cunt?

Radge said...

Nah, January Jones all the way.

Blog Awards? It's the pat on the back I never got for my project in Transition Year. Still rankles.

Pick me. Pick me.

si&s said...

Dexter is shite, try House. It's pretty compelling and there are women hot enough to rival January Jones. (But not Christina Hendricks).

The Hangar Queen said...

Kitty Cat is on the money. BSG is the business.

No aliens,lasers,time travel or any of the usual sci-fi schlock. It's dark, gritty,driven by the characters (instead of special effects)and kicks off with the genocide of 12 billion people.

How can you go wrong?

Radge said...

Hmmm. House. Something about it just never took. I think it's his droll way of speaking.

HQ - Those 12 billion people must have been fairly fucked off.

Kitty Cat said...

Watch it and find out! It's probably more military drama than sci-fi, it just happens to take place in space is all!

The Hangar Queen said...

Fewer humans left in this universe the better.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Dexter improved after the patchy 1st series.

I recently watched the entire 4 and it REALLY turns around.

Radge said...

Maybe I'll persist, in that case.