Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ultra carbon backflip postules

Terrible about Haiti, wait, Desperate Housewives is on. Baby designer wear. DVD and a nice bottle of plonk. Nothing too spicy. Runners to work, shoes under the desk. Something purple, goes with the dress. Girls' night out. Ray D'Arcy. Baby's first mobile. The match in Kiely's. Overtime for something intangible. A week in Dubai. Burj Al Arab, viewed from afar. Catering for vegetarians. Tiramisu. Whispers in the canteen. Yer man is such a flirt, a wife and two kids. Got this in Dunnes, spill and you're dead. Thierry Henry must die (but I still would). Glee. Friday night in the Boulevard, Dakota to follow. Cocktails. Christmas party panties. Take A Pick. Rachel Allen recipes. David McSavage, bit much for me. Too cold for ice cream. Don't like olives. Chicken everything. Maybe white fish. Sometimes salmon. Silk Cut Blue. "That FUCKER."

Pilates. Gym. Chocolate.

Martin Kemp swears by Slimfast. It's Complicated. Must get the word delectable into one sentence this week. Uggs. Crossing off lists. Not my type. Must be tall. Handsome. Dark. But not too dark. No dark chocolate. Unless it's Lindt. Scared of black taxi drivers. Home by eleven. Corrie and yogurt. Corona. No lime. No I mustn't, ok go on then. Jamie Heaslip. Don't understand the rules.

Olly Murs' red tie.

Flecked scarf akimbo. Tissues on the ground. Dabbing at nothing. Singing alone. Won't dance will dance. Only at weddings. Scarlet.

"That BITCH."


adogwoof said...

sad when a journo gets killed:

Conor said...

Is this the beginning of the Ulysses phase?

I liked the portrait of Radge as a young man phase. But age catches us all ;)

By the way, my word verification was "slospopu". I feel filthy

Radge said...

AG - In work so I'll have a read of that later.

Conor - I tried and failed at Ulysses, so any resemblance is purely on account of my utter magnificence.

And hang on - 31 doesn't mean the knacker's yard. Filthy fucker.

Holemaster said...

There's women from Dalkey to Sutton with tar all over them.

Elmo said...

You have just perfectly described the typical girl I hate. Except for the part about Corona with no lime - what's wrong with that? The lime ruins the taste of beer.

Radge said...

Holemaster - Not my tar.

Elmo - That was the only sentence therein that relates to you, accidentally. Glad you liked it.

Andrew said...

Corona without lime is only an evolutionary step or two above Budweiser.
Seeing as we're talking about word verification, the first five letters of mine are 'leffe'. Which is about ninety seven evolutionary steps above Budweiser.

Radge said...

I do love a Leffe, those aforementioned liquids couldn't hold a shitty straw to it.

Christ I'd love a beer. Weeks now sober.

Andrew said...

Is that a January thing?

Radge said...

Nah, it's an antibiotics thing, I caught the lurgy.

Sus said...

You're missing a few OMG, totes, like, and cutes in there otherwise perfect.

I have to say though, David McSavage is a prick.

Radge said...

Sus - I've never seen the Savage Eye, don't know why he made it in there.