Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Good World Restaurant

(In my cups I took this down last night, too close to the sarky givings out of a man that isn't me. However, Andrew spotted it in his feed reader and concurs with my appraisal, so back up it goes. I'm taking out the Paulo Tullio reference though.)

If you want balls of fat served in tissue paper - go there.

If you want a shcatter of beansprouts deep fried in crap and renamed a spring roll - go there.

If you're looking for globules of diarrhoea masquerading as a satay sauce - yeah.

If you order the crispy chilli chicken and boiled rice - fuck, I'm out of words.

This is supposedly Dublin's best Chinese restaurant.

I'm not fussy, but the shit we got served was just insulting. Insulting. I'm a generous tipper but fuck if I didn't gather up the coppers after that effluent.



Twenty Major said...

At there once. It was grand. Nothing special though.

I was down Capel St for the first time in ages a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a Chinese restaurant bonanza. Must try one.

Twenty Major said...

At = ate, btw.

Radge said...

Apparently Capel St and Parnell St are the best places to go for proper Chineseses.

Maxi Cane said...

I worked in a restaurant and all the chinese staff would go there all the time.
I've never been though.

Paulo Tullio is a cunt.

Radge said...

Have you had personal experience of him?

Michael said...

want to air your rant here

Wongs or China Sichuan are two of the better Chinese restaurants.

Holemaster said...

I briefly dated an oriental lady. She took me to a couple of places on Parnell Street. They give westerners plates and forks and a small giggle.