Saturday, November 14, 2009

Timing minute silences

"Where will you watch the match tomorrow night?"

"I don't really follow the football. Like, when there's a big game on I might sit through it but normally I don't... eh... who's playing?"

"Ireland are playing France in a play-off to get into the World Cup."

"Oh right, when's that on?"

"Next summer. In South Africa."

"Oh that'll be good. Do you think we'll get through?"

"It's hard to know, really. There are definite pluses and minuses. I mean, we look fairly defensively sound and Keane - if he's on his game - can really exploit the fact that they're going to use Abidal centrally. Decent player, Abidal, but bring him in from the left-back position and he could be exploited. France are also going to miss Toulalan. He is, for me, the closest thing they've had to a Makelele since Makelele retired. On the other hand St. Ledger is prone to lapses of concentration at the highest level and Keith Andrews is an imposter. You know?"

"I really don't. As I said, not really into the football. I'm just looking forward to the rugby on S..."

"Go away."


Gypseysdog said...

Funny enough to raise my spirits after that excruciating loss.

Radge said...

Pretty fucking painful, 5x. However, at least Wednesday's still interesting.

Holemaster said...

'The match' meant entirely different things this weekend depending on where it was said.

Radge said...

Rarely a truer word spake.