Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Take that, Rico Suavé

It's a good thing that 'it's only a game' and 'there's always next season.' It's really a very good thing indeed because, otherwise, I'd be foetal right now.

I'd be typing out this little paean to Liverpool's capitulation with my twiddling toenails but thanks to the urgings of those who put more stock in things like real life, the economy, shoes, the Norwegian leather industry and hats I can see the wooded area for the trees.

What nonsense.

In truth I want to find the nearest clocktower, dust down the old Radge rifle and spray the masses beneath. "You're Andriy Voronin - boom!"..."You're Andriy Voronin - KABLAMO!"..."You're Andriy Voronin - rat a fucking tat..." until I'm accosted by six heavy men in SWAT garb called Earl.

I'm going to bed.


NaRocRoc said...

Unfortunately Radge, Andriy Voronin will still exist when you wake up. Sorry bout that.

If it's any consolation I often feel the same re: Alex Song, Phillipe Senderos, Abu Diaby etc. It's all part of the sado-masochism we signed up for on becoming football fans.

mapstew said...

Its a game .

As you say Life. etc. :¬)

Red Leeroy said...

there is always the Carling Cu.........oh wait.

Radge said...

NaRocRoc - I hoped he was just a very bad dream.

Mapstew - Nope. Just... no. I refuse to get persective.

Red - Please don't mention the Rumbelows.

Andrew said...

Perhaps a wild card entry into the LDV Vans trophy might be in order?

Seriously though, I feel your pain, as it's been mine for about the last four years now. Sometimes I feel that you're better off having it this way, with the flickers of hope all but extinguished in November, rather than the soul-crushing defeats in April and May that will inevitably be the order of the day for my lot yet again.

Conor said...

I'm a Chelsea fan, and I'm here to swagger hatefully, and despicably, into the room and sneer "We're gonna win the Premiership this year. So haha"

Don't hate us. Although if you do, we don't even care.


Radge said...

Andrew - It'll leave me free to concentrate on gardening, come March, at the very least.

Conor - I save a special hatred for your lot, worse than United.

adogwoof said...

vino blanco on the breath

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...