Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shoot me now, but...

Had a good long ramble on the interweb chattamajob with 5X tonight. By my calculation he's been living in Paris nigh on three and a half years.

I was telling him about the public sector ballyhoo, the threatened strikes and the general pox surrounding the country, not to mention tax levies, child benefit cuts and everything else that makes us get drunk and bend over.

On the French tax system, he wrote:

'Here, you not only pay tax on your earnings which you see on your pay sheet at the end of the month, which is considerable, but you also pay les impots sur le revenue, which you have to declare for every year.

They calculate that and send you back the bill, then you also have to pay the tax d'habitation for HAVING somewhere to live, then I pay Paris municipal taxes for living in the city, then le devance audiovisuelle which is also a spicy meatball.

Serge Gainsbourg was right when he burned that 500 Franc note. I'm going to a fiscal paradise as soon as I make it big.'

We're not the only ones being sodomised, it seems.


Holemaster said...

The difference here is we vaseline our own holes so we're always ready to be ridden.

hope said...

No, let's not shoot you. Let's aim the gun in the proper direction. ;)

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

Speaking of sodomy, I hope to visit 5X during a brief visit to Paris next week.
No vaseline.

mapstew said...

La plume de ma t'ante, c'est tres large!

mapstew said...

Or, what a big biro me auntie's got!

Radge said...

Holemaster - Soon the Vaseline tax.

Hope - Andriy Voronin?

McMuck - Tell me if the rumours of a glorious moustache are true.

Mapstew - What happens in your family.....