Sunday, November 29, 2009

Collar me blind

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has said that at this moment, he believes that decisions on whether to resign by Cardinal Desmond Connell and others mentioned in the Murphy Report should be personal.

Well, I'm not going to put any of this as well as himself, but nothing about the aftermath of last week's Murphy Report doesn't make me ashamed to be Irish.

I'm talking about the sycophance, deference to the Church, the cowardice of the government, the disgusting cover-ups and excuses made, the cushy parish to parish relocations of these rapists and molesters (and they are nothing more than that) and the turning of the cheek.

It is, of course, all abhorrent to those of us that never drank the Kool Aid, never invited these people in to talk down to us at our kitchen tables. To those of us that wouldn't be told when to stand, to kneel and to "sit, Ubu, sit." To those among us that chose never to gawp for an hour, of a Sunday, at some papal miscreant, for those of us wise to the hypocrisy.

It is, was and has been sickmaking and worst of all is the collective shirking of responsibility by those who thought the bodies of these children were their God-given right.

In a way, it's hard to blame them because lots of lay people thought it too, that it was the done fucking thing if Fr. Friendly deemed it so.

In a far bigger way, though, it would be right and proper for those priests - those that raped, fiddled, molested and those that covered for them - to be subject to the full force of Irish justice, whatever that could be.


hope said...

I still believe the punishment for the crime should be the crime one inflicted on the victim. I'm speechless when it comes to the stupidity of this never ending saga of crimes against children. Sigh.

On a happier my calendar right in telling me tomorrow [Monday] is your birthday?

Radge said...

One despairs.

And, yes you're right, it's my birthday as the clock on my computer reads 00:00... Very well spotted!

mapstew said...

Happy birthday pal.

The bishop of Limerick reckons it's up to his priests and his parishioners to decide if he should resign?!?

Ask the kids. (I was (am) one!)

Radge said...

Thanks Mapstew.

Sadly, it'll probably just take one high profile resignation before the whole thing is filed away again, a la John O'Donoghue. I hope I'm wrong.

Erf said...

Amen Brother!!

Filthy said...

Makes me glad I got kicked out of the altar boys.

Happy Birthday by the way. I'm a bit of a lurker on your blog.

I'm still not sure exactly how to react to the report. I'm disgusted, and a bit resigned. I know nothing more will come of it and I hate the fact that I know that. Please remind me why I stay in this country? The weather, perhaps?

Radge said...

Filthy - All lurkers welcome. I reckon that the most depressing thing is that political safety will always come in ahead of moral responsibility.

hope said...

Ah, can't say that my eyes spotted it..I actually added it to my computer calendar last year. ;)

Hope it was a good one!

[And my verification word is "panting"...from candles or unwrapping interesting birthday presents?]

hope said...
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McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

A slow, horrible, acid-in-the-eyes-and-testicles, bone-crunching, muscle-ripping death to them all. Scum. Utterly evil bastards.

And a Happy Birthday to Radge

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Gah. Here I go again.

Personal decisions my hole.

They have made their 'personal' decisions over the last 30, 40, 50, 60 years and screwed every over.

3 serving bishops have been identified by the report as putting avoidance of scandal and preservation of church assets over the welfare and safety of children, these 3 bishops are the patrons of the overwhelming majoring of primary schools in their dioceses, how utterly fucked up is that?

It can not be allowed, it just can't.

If they get away with this, we are all truly screwed.

hope said...

Not like it was a good comment. My computer stuttered, so I removed it.

[Sorry, she whispers, tiptoeing away].