Monday, November 16, 2009

A blog, on the internet

It really won't be long before there's an application on Facebook that accesses a page on Twitter that goes into a Wikipedia entry that redirects to an application on Facebook that accesses a page on Twitter that makes the whole internet collapse in upon itself leaving us with, well, our own, like, imaginations. The horror.

I'm giving some thought to giving up my mobile phone for one month and blogging about it. The possibilities are nul. Scratch that idea. It's shit. Which leads me, in no way, on to the subject of...

Katy French. I wonder if she was just a model who died from a drug overdose and not an allegory for the death of the Celtic Tiger. I wonder that.

Moving on, I've finished the first series of 'Flight Of The Conchords.' It was...alright, really. The two best bits I'd seen on YouTube months ago.

I felt dirty and used after work today.

Literarily, 'Blood Meridian' is beside my bed and has been for the last fortnight. Twenty pages in, the fucker's taunting me and I still can't decide if Cormac McCarthys casual attitude to the apostrophe is a triumphant device or a cynical little affectation.

I get very, very fucked off when I come across terms such as 'micro cleaning crystals' and 'auto hyleronic shimmer pustules' on television ads.

Garrett Fitzgerald, 127, is an impressive man, isn't he?

Earlier this evening, I caught myself wondering what I'd wear tomorrow night before inching my right hand down towards my scrotum. They were still there. Crisis averted.

When I was young I wanted to be nearly 31.

I had a chilli chicken ramen yesterday and it was the best thing I've eaten since 2002. I'm hungry now but if I eat anything between midnight and 6am I turn into Ryle Fucking Nugent.

Still no sign of the redundancy or the month's notice or the holiday pay but, fuck it, I've enough to get by on since I managed to kick that nasty Magnum Classic habit I'd cultivated since childhood.

I cut out less than I leave in.

'Movember' is a NAMA-distraction-ploy. Trust me on this.

For those who can't take a hint, I'd like a cohesive narrative for my birthday, please. And a water pistol.


adogwoof said...

And even if the pint doesn't settle, I drink it...

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

In my sleep deprived state,that post was like watching a ball bounce...not quite sure if that makes sense but it took my brain a moment to follow it :)

Radge said...

I actually wrote it in a very sleep deprived state, Green of Eye, hence the scattershot nature of it..