Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spanish sailor indeed!

"How far is she gone, Margaret?"

"Jesus I couldn't tell you Marie. Four or five months by the look of her."

"Jesus, her poor mother."

"I know. Oh it's shockin'. And she's there still servin' away behind that counter, bould as brass."

"You wouldn't be up to her, Margaret."

"And her mother's a lovely woman. A LOVELY woman. Do you know her?"

"Ah I know her to see..."

"She took it very bad, God love her. She's the only daughter."

"Who's she having it for?"

"She's not sayin' or, if she is, I couldn't tell ya."

"It's like that film, isn't it Margaret?"

"Which one? The Ronnie Doyle one?"

"The very one. The one about the showband."

"Ah Jesus, Marie. Wait, here it is. Which one are you gettin'? The 121?"

"No I'll hang on for the 122. Don't forget your bag, Margaret."

"...where's me purse??? I'd forget me head if it wasn't screwed on. Bye bye Marie."


Holemaster said...

I'd say she asks him to the leave the giblets in.

Radge said...

Yeah. She'd be that sort.

Andrew said...

Heh, I only finished reading The Snapper yesterday. It was, inexpicably, the first 'Ronnie Doyle' I've read.

Andrew said...

Inexplicably, even.

"Inexpicable" sounds like a sorry state of affairs.

In other news, being on Kim Ayres' blog-roll creates the momentary impression that absolutely everyone is talking about you.

Radge said...

Read it years ago, Andrew. Think I was 14 or 15.

As for Kim Ayres, who is this person?

Andrew said...

Oooops, I was getting confused. i thought those dozen links at the bottom of this post were from a guy called Kim Ayres, whose blog-roll caused a similar situation on Gimme's blog for a while. But yours are from the Lone Voice, an entirely different blog altogether.

i'm going for a lie-down now.

Therese Cox said...

I still haven't got over the passing of Roddy Drew.

Radge said...

Quite strange, Andrew, I have no idea how such links appear.

Therese - Ah yes, the late lamented penman of the evocative ballad '11 Drunken Shites.'

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

Is she having it for you Radge? Is she having it for you?

Radge said...

Don't think I have it in me, McMuck, though I haven't been tested in quite some time.

NaRocRoc said...

I genuinely expected this to have some Fernando Torres connotation. But that's ok.

hope said...

What? No Halloween tale?

Or is this meant to be a horror story? :)

Radge said...

Nah, it's more of a kitchen sink soap thing, Hope. No horror stories I'm afraid, I'm hiding from the fireworks.